G7 Business Solutions

G7 is a trusted and experienced expert in the implementation and support of business systems.

G7 Business Solutions have been working with Unit4 since 2001 and now have over 25 Senior Consultants and Project Managers. What makes G7 different is the flexibility of our service. Beyond technical and application support, our Application Managed Service offers an extra level of support and helps our client’s solve a wide range of day-to-day issues, including support of AG16’s. G7 complete the picture with a range of assistance – including End to End Training, Project Management and Consultancy – all tailored to your needs. Tried and tested, flexible and friendly.

About G7 Business Solutions

G7 have been leading and assisting with Unit4 Business World implementations across all sectors including Education, Commercial, Local and Central Government and the Third Sector since 2001. This covers all areas of the product including Financials, Logistics, PCB, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll as well as technical areas such as data migrations and interfaces. Recently there have been two large Unit4 finance implementations where the full consultancy team have been from G7. Having this relationship since 2001 means that the G7 Project Managers and Consultants understand not just how the system operates but also how it is implemented and the methodologies used.

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