Nathean Technologies

After many years of working with Unit4 customers across multiple industries, Nathean Technologies have specifically developed next generation self service analysis and reporting packs for Unit4 Business World , Unit4 Financials and Unit4 Dream.

Nathean Technologies

Nathean Technologies products provide a high degree of sophistication via a very simple interface that requires little or no training. With a mission to revolutionise the way in which people interact with data, Nathean Technologies are ideally positioned to help clients extract maximum value and return on investment from their existing systems.


About Nathean Technologies

Nathean Technologies are a leading developer and provider of Data Analysis and Reporting Solutions. Their unique Agile Business Intelligence (BI) tools empower business and casual users alike to easily ask questions of their own data and get the answers they need to make informed business decisions in a quicker, easier and more cost effective manner.

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