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People are at the heart of what makes the best professional services organisations (PSOs) successful. Not just the front-office experts delivering your services, but also the project management, finance, HR and other back-office teams, who support them and drive your firm’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. And people are what we’re all about too. We make technology and big data work for you to overcome today’s challenges, freeing your people to focus on the activities that truly add value and underpin the operational excellence vital to your firm’s continuing success.

Your world

Today’s PSOs don’t just operate against a backdrop of unprecedented change and complexity – you are right in the middle of major global trends that include:

Increased competition | New business models | Heightened client expectations | New technology; new regulation | War for talent | More effective people-project matching | Microservices replacing megasuites | Automation everywhere

Your needs

Leading professional services organisations are responding to global trends in the same key ways, focusing on the people who deliver their services, the projects their people work on, and the clients that these services and projects are delivered to, coupled with financial transparency across these three core areas. And there are very real and immediate effects on the day-to-day ability of your teams to deliver on your objectives, and the specific challenges that you need to address:
Achieve revenue and margin targets | Optimise resource utilisation | Grow new business win rates | Bill with precision

Our help

At Unit4, we are dedicated to delivering a truly aligned solution suite in response to your needs and challenges:

A core ERP platform: Unit4 Business World, which supports your back- and front-office finance, projects, procurement, and HR and payroll.

Enriched with our Unit4 Prevero corporate performance management and business planning tools to give your finance department everything it needs to analyse, predict and improve performance.

Building customer success

Improvement in forecasting accuracy
Timesheet completion rate
Decrease in billing time
We wanted to automate transactions, provide mechanisms of control and risk management to refocus efforts on supporting decision making. We had grown exponentially and could no longer manage the business on ‘gut feel’ or ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.
– Russell Decent, CFO

Meet our PSO customers

Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of project-intensive consulting-centric professional services firms around the world that strive to succeed, while managing business change. Meet some of them, including:

Delivering Results

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