Win more business

Grow new business win rates and client profitability with more accurate proposals based on past project success

Execute profitable projects

Achieve revenue and margin targets with 360 degree visibility and control of project plan, schedule, cost and budget 

Optimize resource utilization

Attract the best talent and attain optimal utilization rates by synchronizing availability, requests, allocations and project backlog

Bill with precision

Self-driving timesheets helps shorten the service to cash cycle with fast invoicing and tight cash collection control

Successfully deliver on the expectations of your clients

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To ensure success, your teams must win over competitors, master tight plans and budgets, balance resource constraints and track scope changes.. Your PSA software solution should do the same.
With Unit4 you can:
  • Win more business - Ensure control over all stages in the sales pipeline from Go-to-Win and full client insight, and secure return business from satisfied customers.
  • Execute profitable projects - Track plans, schedules, project cost control, scope changes and proactive progress evaluation throughout services delivery.
  • Bill with precision - Record time and costs directly on projects for fast invoicing and tight cash collection control.

Grow new business win rates

Without efficient management from the outset, your end-to-end project lifecycle will be much more difficult to plan, manage and track.

All required functionality for managing contacts, opportunities, gateways and potential conflicts of interest are provided in the Unit4 PSA solution. In the unified solution, sales and project teams can record and report on the pipeline across all stages to ‘Won’.

  • Opportunity management with Gateway management control.
  • Use predictive analytics tools to utilize data from Reference Projects when drafting proposals.
  • Directly convert won opportunities into live projects.
  • Create new projects based on templates and reduce manual work.

With the powerful predictive analytics tools, you can use historic project data as a reference when planning a new project. Within seconds, you understand what the estimate should be and who should work on the project. Then the system does the rest for you; creating the project, a project plan and a resource plan.

See how you can achieve operational effectiveness through 360 degree visibility of projects:
Download PSA Overview

Track project and service delivery

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At the centre of our PSA solution is the project. Your project managers have 360 degree visibility and control over all project-related information from within one, single workspace. You get a consistent look and feel in all aspect of project work, and total integration of all project, finance and people processes. This is particularly valid when timesheets, expense sheets and requisitions are used, because Project Managers can control who can post hours expenses and raise purchase orders within projects.

Achieve revenue and margin targets

Plans and budgets enable accurate bids in the opportunity phase and project tracking in the execution phase. They contribute to accurate forecasts of cash, loads and profit contribution - all of which will provide corporate-wide KPIs, as well as specific project portfolio management level analysis.

  • Project 360 Workspace for 360 degree visibility and control projects.
  • Project forecast to predict future position in terms of people, projects, budget, revenue and profit.
  • Record time on Time sheets directly linked to the project.
  • Capture project-related expenses directly on the project.
  • Raise purchase requests  to be procured an billed through to the customer.

See how Unit4 helped Kinetic IT achieve 30% business growth with no increase in finance, payroll or project administration headcount -
Customer Success Story

Optimize resource utilization rates

Resource planning information is readily available to identify which resource categories can be used most effectively, and to monitor and manage availability and utilization at any level of the organization - and by any analysis category.

For example, it is valuable to understand staff availability within a division by discipline - but it may also be valuable to understand the availability of a discipline, such as engineering consultant, across all divisions. Agile analysis and reporting capabilities provide your teams with this information.

  • Allocate the right teams and capabilities to boost utilization and billability.
  • Reduce costs of keeping redundant skill or losing opportunities by management teams across continents.
  • Reach all your people with an integrated business system that breaks down silos.
  • Analyze and predict future resource requirements of your organization.

Learn how to optimize staff utilization and manage teams around the world
Become a Utilization Hero

Shorten the service to cash cycle

Spreadsheets exist for many purposes, including reporting and analysis, but most often they support the billing process. You may have a different spreadsheet for different tasks and projects - certainly not the best way to manage the most significant component driving your cashflow! Now you can replace the volume and complexity of spreadsheets.

Our comprehensive solution to billing, including sales rates per employee, per function, role, client, project or a combination, allows for the customer contract agreement to be efficiently managed.

Timesheets, expenses, milestones, fixed fees are all processed as per the contract with no human intervention required - other than updates to the contract or detailed editing of the invoice content as necessary.

  • Reduce invoice lag and increase invoice accuracy.
  • Invoice exactly what should be billed, when it should be billed.
  • Reduce credit invoices and credit notes.
  • Reduce late payments.


Download the 2016 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark
Report by SPI

In business for people

People are at the heart of Professional Service organizations. Unit4’s Professional Services Automation solution reflects the business realities of project-intensive and consulting-centric organizations.

Plan and allocate resources

Create the perfect project teams, using the right people with the right skills to tackle complex projects

Track and forecast projects

Get the full picture of your projects to plan, manage and track them more effectively and efficiently using real-time data

Manage projects effectively

Use real-time project visibility and planning tools to deliver on time, on scope, within budget

Feed data up the chain

Keep finance and operations teams happy by delivering budgets and forecasts based on the latest data

Optimize staff utilization

Plan team resources, and match team members’ capabilities to project requirements, to deliver the right teams for every project

Improve efficiency

Use one system from lead generation to project close, gathering real-time data across the entire project cycle

Manage a global resource

Attract and retain talented people in offices across regions and continents by offering them engaging, challenging projects

Predict and improve cash flow

Capture time & expenses sooner, tailor billing cycles and reduce revenue leakage to optimize cash flow and increase top-line revenue

Facilitate restructurings and M&A

Easily implement Business World after restructuring, or expand to cover acquired companies, all via a screen-based interface – no system reprogramming necessary

Analyze finances at every level

Analysis tools to consolidate multi-national data for insight into performance at a global level, or to drill down to the level of individual projects

Adapt to local requirements anywhere

Manage international localization reporting requirements and compile data across currencies, without software customization

Generate proactive, predictive budgets

Streamline accounting processes and generate predictive budgets based on probable scenarios

Collaborate to succeed

A vital part of modern business is the ease of collaboration. To facilitate collaboration and support project stakeholders, you can set up a project community with Slack.com integration. Project team members can share news, documents, pictures, views and opinions, and see the other team members and project performance. This enables everyone to keep in touch in a social and engaging way. Teams can use chat functions to communicate with each other and keep these conversations pinned to the project record for future reference.

The Unit4 People Platform offers a whole new level of capabilities designed around the needs of people, enabling you to harness the latest advances in key technologies (such as social, mobile, predictive analytics, cloud and big data).

Cloud at your Speed

Enabling your team to fully control your move to the Cloud securely - at the speed you require.

  • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the Cloud, with minimal effort.
  • Standardized: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
  • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
  • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our Cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the Cloud, and when it gets there.