Unit4 PSA Suite

Improve your performance, and profits, with the Unit4 PSA Suite.

Specifically designed for your industry, the Unit4 PSA Suite is a state-of-the-art Professional Services Automation solution to help you manage your entire business: from the first client contact to invoicing and cash collection, built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Designed for your industry

The Unit4 PSA Suite is specifically designed for your sector, created with and for professionals within your field of expertise.

  • Manage your risk and compliance with the integration with WWFT/BSA/ASM, register your hours directly on the right engagement with the Mobile App with timer, and recognize all revenue and Work-In-Progress in one single solution.

    Thinking about the processes, collaboration and communication at the front-end makes our business run on a higher standard and that is what this Practice Management for Accountancy solution does for us. All automated, shared with colleagues and clients, based on the Microsoft Platform.
    Robèrt Molenaar, Partner at
  • Get rid of time-consuming time and expense entry with the PSA Mobile App with timer, and plan your outsourced resources efficiently within the Gantt chart availability and utilization overview.

    We chose to partner with Unit4, because we believe in innovative and simple solutions for complex processes. This partnership enables us to help our customers improve their performance. As times change rapidly, we also needed an accessible and flexible solution to manage our own performance. Customers can benefit from our learnings and best practice, with the PSA Suite with Project Management for Consultancy solution.
    José Brenninkmeijer, Director at
  • Keep control of the budget and planning of your projects and plan your equipment and personnel directly in the same overview. Integrate with your BIM software to have it all in one single solution.

  • Manage your cases with the service module and keep track of your outsourced IT professionals in the same solution. Assign the right resource – based on skills – directly to the project, with one single mouse click.

    We decided to go for the Unit4 PSA Suite because we wanted to better track our projects and we also wanted to track time. We needed this information to help make resourcing and staffing decisions. The PSA Suite with Project Management for IT Services provides us with all the information we need and more!
    David Huang, Program Manager at
  • Integrate your BIM Software into the project module with pre-defined templates and budgets to keep control of all your designs and the scope of your projects. Automate your proposals and invoices to significantly reduce your admin time and focus on what counts most: your designs.

    What made us go for Unit4 was that its solution already has a lot pre-configured but it leaves room for a lot of flexibility to be tailored to our needs. Also, the international aspect was very important and the PSA Suite with Project Management for Architects allows us to manage our projects around the world. So even if we are working on very different projects in multiple countries with multiple currencies, we can still manage them all in a single platform.
    Mike Pfisterer, Chief Architect at

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Core capabilities

  • Without efficient management from the outset, your end-to-end project lifecycle will be much more difficult to plan, manage and track.

    All required functionality for managing contacts, opportunities, gateways and potential conflicts of interest is provided in the Unit4 PSA Suite application. In the unified solution, sales and project teams can record and report on the pipeline across all stages through to "Won."

    • Manage your leads and opportunities. The PSA Suite is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, plus integration with LinkedIn, Company Info & D&B.

    • Perform compliance checks to spot potential legal issues.

    • Manage all stages of an opportunity from “bid” to “won.”

    • Forecast your sales and revenue, and actively manage your pipeline.

    • Directly convert won opportunities into live projects.

    • Create project plans and budgets based on templates and reduce manual work.

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  • Resource planning information is readily available to identify which resource categories can be used most effectively, and to monitor and manage availability and utilization at any level of the organization – and by any analysis category.

    For example, it is valuable to understand staff availability within a division by discipline – but it may also be valuable to understand the availability of a discipline, such as engineering consultant, across all divisions. Agile analysis and reporting capabilities provide your teams with this information.

    • Allocate the right people, teams and capabilities to boost resource utilization and billability, in one single overview.

    • Reduce costs of keeping redundant skills or losing opportunities by managing people and teams across continents.

    • Integrate your resource planning and scheduling with Outlook; plan your appointments directly in the right agenda.

    • Analyze and predict future resource requirements of your organization.

    • Keep track of your resources’ KPIs, skills, appraisals, work experience, compensations, benefits, PTO & Sick Leave in one dashboard.

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  • Plans and budgets enable accurate bids in the opportunity phase, and project tracking in the execution phase.


    They contribute to accurate forecasts of cash, loads and profit contribution – all of which will provide corporate-wide KPIs, as well as specific project portfolio management level analysis.

    • Manage your project scope, plan and budget with completion alerts.

    • Record hours on time sheets, with timers, Outlook integration or with the PSA Mobile App directly linked to the project.

    • Capture project-related expenses, allowances, equipment, and fees directly on the project; and scan the receipt directly with your PSA Mobile App.

    • Make project forecasts to predict future position in terms of people, equipment, projects, budget, revenue and profit.

  • Spreadsheets exist for many purposes, including reporting and analysis, but most often they support the billing process. You may have a separate spreadsheet for different tasks and projects – certainly not the best way to manage the most significant component driving your cash flow! Now you can eliminate the volume and complexity of spreadsheets.

    Our comprehensive solution to invoicing and cash collection, including sales rates per employee, function, role, client, project or a combination, allows for the customer contract agreement to be efficiently managed.

    Timesheets, expenses, milestones, fixed fees are all processed as per the contract, with no human intervention required – other than updates to the contract or detailed editing of the invoice content as necessary.

    • Recognize your revenue and keep control on your Work-In-Progress (WIP).

    • Reduce invoice lag and DSO, and increase invoice accuracy.

    • Invoice exactly what should be billed, when it should be billed and use batch invoicing to increase your efficiency.

    • Reduce credit invoices and credit notes.

    • Reduce late payments with automated email workflows.

    • Integrate with any financial back-end solution; including, of course, Unit4 Business World On!

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