Unit4 releases most extensible financial management solution on the market

Utrecht, Netherlands, 


  • First single ledger system to collect intelligence across the full organization
  • Feeds Performance Management to boost business value driven by the Office of the CFO

Unit4, world leader in enterprise systems for services organizations, releases a new version of its Unit4 Financials solution, which gives customers the ability to store real-time, unlimited, and separately analysable data against any transaction, generated by any business application. The result is real time intelligence for driving future performance across the whole organization, as well as ensuring compliance within statutory and management reports.

Unit4 has extended its single, unified ledger financial management solution to allow customers to capture unlimited amounts of business-specific dimensions from any operational system. Customers can perform more detailed analyses, and calculate more detailed KPIs than their competitors, to support both strategic and operational decision-making, directly from the finance system.

Combined with the in-memory, on-demand analytics capabilities delivered through Unit4 Performance Management, this delivers an unrivalled level of financial and business intelligence to drive future performance. Unit4 Financials is a perpetually closed, single, balanced ledger, so it allows for both period reporting and up to the second reporting with no need to close. Finance teams can provide on the fly reports and analysis to support strategic decision making, in the knowledge that it is always accurate and up-to-the-minute.

“Today’s finance teams need better insights and intelligence in every part of the business."

Alexandros Stratis, Enterprise Applications Analyst, European Software at IDC.

“The CFO plays a critical role in driving organizational business transformation, to ensure their organization exploits the digital revolution opportunity,” said Alexandros Stratis, Enterprise Applications Analyst, European Software at IDC. “As they sit at the intersection of finance, strategy and operations, today’s finance teams need better insights and intelligence in every part of the business. They are the architects of company growth, no longer focused primarily on cost control. Financial Management systems play an integral role, but by extending them out to capture and analyse data from all operational systems, they can boost the value driven by the Office of the CFO beyond what’s been previously possible.”

“The ability to capture unlimited business dimensions from any operational system within a business, real time, will be a game changer for many organizations,” said Jeremy Roche, Chief Product Officer at Unit4. “It essentially adds unlimited analyses across the entire organization in a controlled and integrated manner, so finance teams are better equipped than ever to serve the business and drive profits. Feeding this level of data into a company’s performance management system changes the game again, as companies look to drive performance and adapt services 24/7 to ensure their success in today’s digital economy.”

The latest Unit4 Financials release changes the experience for Unit4 Financials users and introduces exciting new ways to empower and support Office of the CFO teams with the latest social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies. It significantly enhances their ability to ensure compliance, optimize efficiency and drive performance throughout the business.

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