Grant Thornton UK LLP selects Unit4 Cloud ERP to support finance transformation

Unit4 Business World On! in the Azure Cloud described as innovative

Bristol, UK, 

Unit4 announces that Grant Thornton UK LLP has signed a five year SaaS agreement for its cloud ERP solution, Unit4 Business World On! to support its finance transformation program.

Grant Thornton UK is a member of one of the world's largest professional services networks of independent accounting and consulting member firms. As such it is a dynamic and fast growing organization and is committed to ensuring its systems and processes keep pace with the ever changing demands of its clients and the wider trading environment.

Using Unit4’s cloud ERP, Grant Thornton UK will benefit from a modern platform enabling its finance transformation, enriching user experience for more than 5,000 users and standardizing best practices across 27 UK offices. It will provide Grant Thornton’s UK people with better business insights and decision support to enable their business decision making.

Business World On! benefits from the smart technology in Microsoft’s Azure’s PaaS platform components including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing. In addition customers benefit from Unit4’s new and innovative approach to enterprise computing; delivering more productivity to services organizations, and greater flexibility as business capabilities are accessible via a mobile app. This is what makes it one of the most intuitive, easy to use systems on the market.

“Unit4 Business World will be transformational for us”

Mark Reddy, Finance Director for Grant Thornton UK

“Unit4 Business World will be transformational for us,” said Mark Reddy, Finance Director for Grant Thornton UK. “We are a people business, fully committed to providing the best systems to support everyone in their work. Business World will touch every part of our business, helping us successfully navigate the business challenges we face. We have been particularly impressed with innovations such as Wanda, Unit4’s digital assistant, which will support our people with a self-driving user experience, proactively managing repetitive everyday tasks and leaving them more time to focus on tasks that drive value.

“Unit4 understands and shares our vision for innovation and growth and we are looking forward to a long term partnership with the team to drive our business and its success forward.”

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