Additional Sectors

Unit4 provides a better combination of more agile solutions, so that you can address your general and sector-specific requirements more effectively and adapt easily to evolving business needs.

Our expertise is built from over 30 years of knowledge and experience of working with organisations from a wide range of sectors. As we have worked with them to deliver strategic and long-term business benefits, we have often enhanced our products and services or created dedicated solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional specialisations that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. Our regional expertise has enabled us to develop specific solutions to cater for local requirements for a range of sectors.

  • Unit4 for Accountancy

    Unit4 has over 30 years of accountancy industry expertise with an extensive history of providing accounting firms with full visibility, accurate and up-to-date information; collaboration and management of finances, data and audit processes - even through the constant challenges of business change.

    Our solutions have been developed specifically to help external accountants, internal auditors, controllers and CFOs to control their projects and repetitive processes, improve efficiency, focus on strategic activities and improve the quality and breadth of information generated.

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    • Unit4 Account Analysis - Straightforward audit tools for fast, simple, cost-effective financial auditing and management information.
    • Unit4 Audit & Control - A best-in-class solution for full visibility and management of recurring finance, control and audit processes.
    • Unit4 Statutory Reporting - Smarter financial reporting – enabling full IFRS compliance and tuning to local GAAP.
  • Unit4 for Financial Services

    Unit4 is a global expert at helping financial services companies improve their financial management and operational efficiency, even when they are constantly challenged by business change. Our customers include insurance companies, investment firms, large banks, credit management firms, and asset recovery companies from around the world.

    Our range of finance-based management solutions help leading Finance organisations make good strategic decisions, minimise disruption, maximise use of resources and satisfy regulatory reporting requirements.

    Unit4 Financials Business World Edition - Our agile, people-centric, fully-integrated ERP software is supported by a full range of integrated operational modules (Project Planning and Budgeting, HR and Payroll etc.).

    Unit4 Financials – Our award-winning, specialised financial and accounting software easily integrates into industry- and company-specific systems (like trading systems, underwriting systems, etc.).

  • Unit4 for Manufacturing

    The manufacturing sector has changed dramatically over the years but our vision of financial management has evolved with you. Against a backdrop of rapid progress and development, organisations find themselves operating in new and more complex environments, where regulatory compliance is tougher than ever but flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness are now expected.

    Our solutions provide over 250 manufacturing organisations with unrivalled control over their finances, from medium-sized national organisations to large multinationals. They cover the whole range of manufacturing, from high-volume processes, to food processing, apparel, high-end make-to-order and more.

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  • Unit4 for Wholesale

    Fully automate and optimise your business processes and supply chain by managing the dynamics of the digital revolution.

    Whether you have physical sales or a mixture of physical and digital sales, keep in constant control of your trading processes with a view to the future.

    • Manage and automate your supply chain with minimal effort.

    • Connect and increase collaboration and communication with business partners, suppliers and customers across the supply chain.

    • Benefit from complete project management and visibility of resources/time used.


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    Unit4 Business World

  • Unit4 for Retail

    We understand the wide range of different retail businesses and their issues and needs. We supply many of the largest retail companies with applications that support effective decision-making and profitability tracking – from fashion to furniture, to retailers with complex financial requirements or multiple international outlets.

  • Unit4 for Transport & Logistics

    Our software solutions are ideally suited to support transport and logistics organisations in a demanding and complex trading environment, where access to reliable financial intelligence, and comprehensive analysis and control of financial accounting information can set a company apart from its competitors and contribute to its continued success.

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  • Unit4 for Media & Publishing

    The challenges facing the media and publishing industry, including the need for flexibility and tighter cost controls, are addressed by Unit4's portfolio of software solutions. We provide best-of-class applications that can be integrated across the enterprise to ensure full visibility and control.

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  • Unit4 for Facilities Management

    Unit4 has a long history of supplying Facilities Management organisations with the agile and powerful software solutions they need to succeed. Our solutions are perfectly suited to meet the Enterprise Resource Planning, property, project and financial management needs of your organisation.