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Let’s make the world a greener place: introducing the Unit4 customer forest

from  March 18, 2021 | 2 min read

At Unit4, we’re passionate about sustainability and have made a strong commitment to supporting environmental causes.

To help support sustainability, reduce CO2 levels, and foster environmental progress, we’re doing something different this year.

We’re launching the Unit4 Customer Forest.

This program focuses on financing small agroforestry projects in the Global South. With a view to creating both environmental and social benefits for local communities around the globe.

How does the Unit4 Customer Forest work?

For every customer that signs a deal with us we’ll plant a tree in Africa, South America, or Asia. The process is managed on both Unit4 and our customers’ behalves by our friends and partners at Treedom. The forest already consists of 1000 trees – spread over real-world sites in Colombia, Kenya, Nepal, Cameroon, Haiti, Guatemala Ecuador, and Tanzania. (Not to mention over half a dozen different species of tree!)

Over time, our trees will grow, absorb CO2, and encourage local biodiversity – and help the local economy to boot.

As well as real trees planted around the world, the Customer Forest is also a virtual forest. Providing our customers with a unique experience and view of the impact through a unique Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Our customers get to pick their own tree, give it a name, and then view it through Treedom’s interactive portal.

Here, they’ll be able to see a photo of their tree, precise coordinates, and a diary containing regular updates about the benefits their tree is bringing to the local community and to the planet. They’ll even be able to see messages from the farmers who’re benefitting from its presence.

We’re doing this for every Unit4 customer, whether they’re newly onboarded or they’ve been with us for years. Partly because we believe it’s the right thing to do to help fulfil our CSR commitments, and partly because it’s an opportunity for us all to do good together.

Our Customer Forest is part of our broader set of commitments to embed sustainability throughout our operations – with a goal of reducing our carbon footprint. It’s one of 3 of the virtual forests we’re building with Treedom – alongside our Act4Good and Customer reference forests. Together, these three forests already total 3,900 trees and have removed a total of 734,670KG of CO2 from our planet’s atmosphere! (If you like visual analogies, that’s enough to fill 3,826 trucks.)

People in forest

Learn more about our environmental initiatives

You can learn more about all of our environmental initiatives – and our entire CSR program, including other work we’re undertaking alongside our customers – on our website.

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