While times may be uncertain, Unit4 is here 4U
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While times may be uncertain, your partnership with Unit4 is not. We’re here 4U.

from  March 10, 2020 | 3 min read

“In Business for People” isn’t just a strapline for Unit4, it’s a belief we hold true about our customers, partners, employees, and their families. This year, a new dimension to how we think about “people” has arrived with the emergence of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Just like you, we have been following the news reports, reading health and wellness articles, and monitoring government sites like WHO and CDC to inform us as to how best to help all the “people” we serve across the globe. As we head into uncharted waters, it is incumbent on all of us to maintain a balanced and factual perspective on things and to ensure business as usual as much as possible.

Here is what we’re doing to ensure the safety of you, our customers, Unit4 employees, our partners and friends of the company.

Limiting Cross-Border and Domestic Travel

We understand that the severity of COVID-19 differs from region-to-region and country-to-country, many with their own policies and programs on how they manage it. To reduce the risk to our employees, their families and to our customers, we are limiting travel and directing people to leverage video conferencing tools so conversations can continue and business decisions are made. If an in-person meeting is required, we are taking the necessary precautions, through office protocols and personal guidance, to ensure that safety is practiced so that those attending the meeting are healthy - before, during and after.

Unit4 Office Locations and Remote Work

We have four values that unite Unit4 and one of them is “People first, everything else will follow”. This value represents our true, core people focus internally and externally – we put people first and everything else follows. To that end, we have put a number of support measures in place including support of remote work, limited internal gatherings, and improving health and hygiene across the company through training and increased sanitation supplies. Most importantly, we encourage people to stay home if they are feeling sick or if a member of their family is ill and requires attention. The “whole self” is not just the employee but their family members including elderly parents, young children or other dependents.

In-Person Customer Events

As many of you have heard in the news or from your vendor partners, a significant number of in-person customer events have been postponed or cancelled. To ensure your safety and that of our employees and partners, we have postponed our customer-facing events until later in 2020. We will leverage video conferencing tools to connect with you to share company and product news, thought leadership and best practices so that you can continue to engage with us - safely and without risk. More information will be shared when conference dates are booked.

Systems Infrastructure & Reliability

As a Unit4 customer, we know that you rely on us to support you regardless of your method of deployment - on-premises, managed services or software-as-a-service. Business continuity is a top priority for us and we ensure this by leveraging diverse data-centres and public cloud partners like Microsoft Azure. Our Network and Security Operations Centres are also managed in different locations to ensure resilience of Unit4’s systems. Should there be any disruption to our workforce, technical employees are equipped to work remotely so business can continue at the speed you need it to, without interruption. Our support locations have all tested their remote working capabilities and we are confident that we can maintain continuity of service in the event of temporary office closures.

Unit4 is here 4U

Our customers are at various stages of their partnership with us. Some are getting started with “go lives” which are just around the corner, others have been with us for many years and still others are thinking about taking that next step with us in deploying a new solution to complement their current investment. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re just a click or call away. Your account teams are standing by to answer questions or guide you to the right person to assist. Unit4’s Community 4U, our new online customer community, is available 24/7 so you can get answers to your questions and connect with your peers, our partners and Unit4 domain experts in a dedicated COVID-19 forum. While times may be uncertain, your partnership with Unit4 is not. We’re here 4U.