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X4U Vertical Focus – embracing change in ways of working and capitalizing on new tech capabilities

from  October 28, 2021 | 4 min read

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at what we’re offering for each of our primary customer verticals at our upcoming global virtual event Experience4U. This week, we’re turning our attention to Professional Services.

In keeping with our theme of A Better You, this track will focus on how firms are embracing change in both their technology and their ways of working. And how new capabilities like smart automation and digitized finance are creating new opportunities for efficiency and competitive advantage.

This year’s Professional services track at X4U consists of 4 sessions. We’ll be hosting a CFO to CFO conversation on standardizing your organization on a common instance of a modern cloud ERP. A look at the future of automation from Holger Mueller of Constellation research – and a look at what automation might mean in practical terms for your firm. We’ll also be exploring what it really means for an organization to adopt digital technology across the finance functions covered by our PSO Industry Model.

The journey to the cloud: a CFO’s perspective

In this session, our own CFO Gordon Stuart will be talking to Kaj Wikström, CFO of our IT Services customer Qvantel. This CFO to CFO conversation will explore standardizing your organization on one common instance of a modern cloud-based ERP solution – merging multiple technologies and processes to create a more streamlined and efficient operating environment. Gordon and Kaj will be highlighting the approach they took in their own organizations’ recent cloud migration projects, the benefits, they’ve achieved by unifying silos in companies that exist as multiple separate entities, and highlighting some of the easy wins and common pitfalls that can make the process smoother and more advantageous to everyone.

The future of automation – simplifying the daily routine

In this session, we’ll be joined by VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Holger Mueller, who’ll be talking to us about the concept of the Enterprise Application Platform, and what it means for the next generation of technology in your organization. The session will include a deep dive into digital assistants as an example of the kind of functionality the EAP can bring to your business, and Holger’s guest Jamie Everard of our customer Buro Happold will speak about how they are using Unit4’s digital assistant Wanda extensively in their deployment of our ERP to help alleviate their administrative burden.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How a mid-sized service centric company like Buro Happold can harness automation in its finance team.
  • Other areas where automation is already making an impact from absence management to smart invoicing.
  • Where automation and digital assistants will develop from here on out.

Trends and best practices in professional services automation

Automation is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days – but what does it mean specifically for a professional services firm? Far from being another here-today-gone-tomorrow tech fad, it may be the most important aspect of your enterprise tech stack – especially if you’re looking to track and improve utilization, speed up your billing and cashflow, and provide your people with a better experience at work so they can deliver a better level of service for your clients. But there are lots of options out there, and every firm has unique needs.

We’ve put this session together to help you navigate the market. Tune in to learn about the potential of automating:

  • Project lifecycle management.
  • Resource planning and utilization.
  • Business planning and economic model innovations.

The digital future of the finance organization

In this session, we’ll be discussing with an expert panel – including guest speaker and financial expert Andrew Codd of the podcast Strength in Numbers – how they’re adopting digital technology now and in the future. Digital transformation is already spreading through finance, and in the near future, most finance related functions covered by the Unit4 PSO model will be fully digitized. This means digitization won’t just be limited to FP&A capabilities like operational budgeting and forecasting, but to every part of what we do. We’ll also be exploring how trends like interoperability and robotic accounting and internationalization are changing the finance function.

Join this session to discover more about advances like:

  • Smart invoice recognition
  • Robotic accounting
  • AI and machine learning enabled financial planning and forecasting.