Dutch Water Authority

Dutch Water Authority selects Unit4 ERP to support business operations

Bristol, UK, 

Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organisations, has announced that The Dutch Water Authority, Rivierenland, has chosen to replace an out-of-date, substantially customised ERP system with Unit4’s Business World On! ERP to support business operations.

The water authority has signed a multi-year contract with Unit4 to support financial administration, procurement processes, project and subsidy administration, budget monitoring and time recording. 

In the Rivierenland region the water authority is responsible for the provision of clean and sufficient water, safe dikes and road management. The complexity of these tasks, the political dynamics and the scale of the water authority mean that a flexible system to support business operations is crucial. The water authority continuously seeks to improve its services and related processes. The main aim in this is greater efficiency, but the organisation also wants to have more control and provide more transparency to stakeholders.

“We require a user-friendly and flexible system that will efficiently support our processes. We also want to make it possible for our staff to record the number of hours they work real-time on site using a mobile app. By reducing this sort of administrative tasks, we enable our staff to concentrate on the activities that really make a difference for citizens,” said Jacob Knoops, director at the Dutch Water Authority Rivierenland.

For the last ten years the water authority has worked with an ERP system augmented with substantial customisation over the years. This created a complex system now deemed obsolete as it no longer meets the organisation’s requirements. Following a European tender procedure, Unit4’s ERP system was selected.

“In the context of cost efficiency we want to manage and maintain the system ourselves,” said Jacob Knoops. “So on-the-job knowledge transfer, rich functionality, ease of use and technology that would future-proof the system were all vital considerations. In the future, we want to be able to make changes to the system as the business changes without the time and expense of external consultants. Unit4’s ERP will help us adapt to new opportunities faster at a lower cost.”

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