Unit4 celebrates emerging tech talent at its annual Hack4Future



  • 100 engineers and designers in 29 teams compete for a cash prize

Utrecht, Netherlands & Wroclaw, Poland, 02 February 2018 - Unit4, world leader in enterprise systems for services organisations, kicked off its annual Hack4Future event today in Wroclaw, Poland. This is the second year the night Hackathon has run. Created by Unit4, it celebrates emerging tech talent and the future technologies that will impact the global workplace.

This year, 100 passionate software developers and designers, including students and young professionals, will work in 29 teams to design new business software applications from scratch, using modern technology that they believe will have an impact in the future. They will be judged on innovation, design, functionality, and business potential/usability.

Hack4Future participants are supported by mentors throughout the event. Mentors specialise in a specific aspect of application development, environments applications are developed in, project management, UX or other useful areas of the development process. They will be available to advise teams and answer questions on the Application development process. Applications will be presented to a panel of expert judges, including representatives from Unit4 and Microsoft, on Saturday, February 3rd. To qualify, participants must have developed, within the time specified, at least some part of a working application prototype, which clearly shows how it is supposed to operate, along with some basic functionality. The Team that collects the highest number of points from the judges will win a cash prize.

“There is no doubt today that everything is heading towards automation and autonomy. Self-learning applications, smart homes, or sending parcels through autonomous drones are just a few examples of how fast the world is developing,” said Lukasz Wierzchowski, R&D Director at Unit4. “This event is one of the highlights of the year. As well as being fun for everyone involved, events like this are vital for showcasing emerging talent and the future of application development for business. Good luck to all teams involved.”

More information about the event and details of the judges and mentors can be found on the Hack4Future website. The event will also be streamed at https://www.facebook.com/hack4future/


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