We live in the era of the Digital Revolution. Business models are transforming, customer expectations are surging, and the way we operate and compete is turning upside down. Ambitious service-centric organisations need an Enterprise Resource Planning backbone built to capitalise on new opportunities. People drive these organisations and they need solutions that help them excel.  Unit4 Business World is such a solution. It helps you unlock your team’s potential to tackle the challenges and capture the opportunities.

A People-Centric Solution

Legacy ERP systems were built to serve manufacturers and product-based industries. They were not designed to cope with the dynamics and aspirations of service and government organisations, which thrive by empowering their people to drive excellence and innovation.

The ERP needs of people-centric industries are clear – a solution with intuitive user experience and a flexible architecture that moves at the speed you do.  Otherwise, innovation is hampered and the costs to adapt explode. Unit4 Business World meets and exceeds those needs by offering consumer-grade experience combined with enterprise strength. No longer do your people and business processes have to conform to your software.  With Unit4 Business World you make the rules and can adapt to new opportunities faster, at a lower cost and without disruption.

Empower Your People

Outstanding usability and accessibility, on any device

Deliver Excellence Together

Collaborate throughout your whole enterprise

Simplify and Streamline

Integrated solutions to simplify complex tasks

Cloud that works for you

Benefit from the Cloud at your Speed

Enterprise technology that drives engagement

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Unit4’s “self-driving” ERP applications provide an outstanding user experience. 

And when technology drives engagement, business happens.

Unit4 Business World On! empowers everyone in your organisation to make a difference by freeing people from time-consuming manual tasks and allowing them to focus on accomplishing their mission. 

The latest innovations in pattern recognition, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis are employed to streamline processes, automate tasks, suggest actions, and provide context-relevant insight.


Examples like prefilled expense reports or approval lists that highlight invoice anomalies, these do more than save time. When so many tasks are executed with minimal or even no user input, your people are free to focus on what they were hired to do:  solve problems and achieve goals.

You Make the Rules with Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World is a cloud ERP solution that enables service-centric organisations in the public and private sectors to gain a significant advantage over their peers.   Its leading-edge architecture facilitates faster innovation at a lower cost and with less disruption.   The results include increased opportunities and smarter operations.

  • Easy Growth - Business World customers have the ability to scale up quickly and easily.
  • Effortless Innovation – Experimentation and innovation are built into Unit4’s flexible finance and accounting structures.
  • Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions - The system supports a streamlined integration of acquisitions, as it establishes controls and compliance without disrupting operations.
  • Efficient Divestiture – In times of change, you can scale back quickly and smoothly, as you effectively manage divestment scenarios.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – You can eliminate inefficiencies and spend more time and money on your customers and addressing risk.

Business World customers enjoy business flexibility* in addition to lower TCO** because they need a fraction of the usual resources required to operate and evolve the system.

*IDC Survey “The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change”
**Eval-Source market comparison “Which ERP Architecture Best Handles Business Change?”

Enterprise software that enhances collaboration

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Collaboration drives every organisation, and Business World On! makes it happen through a range of online chat, screen sharing, team workspaces, and other built-in social capabilities that keep colleagues close, information accessible, and group solutions managed and achieved.  Queries and issues that used to be cumbersome are resolved easily and quickly thanks to Business World On!’s clear user interfaces, role-specific tools, task-focussed capabilities and other collaborative systems built into its foundation.

Don’t waste your people’s time and creativity on data entry and unwieldy software tools. Liberate them.  Let them work better and smarter, and they will provide optimal service across your organisation.

Core Capabilities

  • Financial Management

    Unit4 Business World meets the needs of global finance departments with multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, while providing the usability and flexibility that all organizations demand.

    • Consolidation and cash management
    • Corporate budgeting
    • Corporate forecasting
    • Financial reporting (statutory and performance)
    • Budget Books
    • Financial Information Centre
    • Payment management
    • Travel & expense management
    • Fixed asset management
    • Sales order management


    Read more about core Financials in Unit4 Business World 

  • HR & Payroll

    Unit4 Business World’s unrivaled agility meets the constant and rapid demands of organizational and legislative change. It gives human resources and payroll managers a comprehensive range of efficient and effective tools.

    • Talent management
    • Position administration
    • Resource administration
    • Absence management
    • Competence Management
    • Appraisals management
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Communities management
    • Time and expense approval
    • Training and development administration
    • Payroll management and Salary review


    Read more about Business World On!’s HR & Payroll capabilities

  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

    Core modules make budgeting, planning and forecasting more flexible, database-driven, and fully integrated - no more multiple, diverse, and unlinked spreadsheets.
  • Procurement Management

    Unit4 Business World's helps you automate all the back-office processes for purchasing, from requisition to invoicing to posting. The system streamlines procurement, improves accuracy, and delivers valuable cost savings across your organization.

    • Workflow process automation – automatic routing, reminders and checks.
    • Web requisitions – spend controls, “punch-out”, automatic order generation.
    • Electronic purchasing – electronic exchange of documents, including invoice receipting and automatic matching.
    • Automated expenditure controls – including budgetary and authorization controls.
    • Invoice management – processing/matching for scanned invoices.
    • Automated controls and checks – to detect discrepancies.
    • Integrated payment settlement capabilities – electronic processing and self-billing.
    • Inventory management – asset accounting and stock administration.
  • Project Management

    Powerful tools streamline administrative tasks and provide in-depth information for maximum visibility and control of people, processes and costs across your organization.

    • Opportunity management
    • Reference projects
    • Project estimating and proposals
    • Customer creation and maintenance
    • Project management
    • Project forecasts
    • Time and expense sheets
    • Raising requisitions for procurement
    • Resource utilization management
    • Project billing and invoicing and cash collection
    • Project reporting
    • Donor management and reporting
    • Grant and pre-award management

    The Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution is a unified part of the Unit4 ERP and HCM offering.  

    Read more about Business World's PSA for Professional Services Organizations

  • Field Service & Asset Management

    To support the end-to-end management of property portfolios, Unit4 offers a complete Enterprise Asset Management as well as a Field Service solution.

    Unit4 Business World provides the full range of tools for asset maintenance, service team management, inventory management, contract management, resource allocation, regulatory reporting and time/billing invoicing:

    • Strategic Estate & Asset management
    • Service order management
    • Service agreements
    • Asset inspections
    • Service planning
    • Mobile Field Service App


  • Reporting & Analytics

    Unit4 Business World's integrated information delivery tools provide quick, easy and inexpensive analysis. So, as business scenarios change rapidly, your reports will stay ahead of your challenges.

    • Reporting and analysis suite
    • Workflows on reporting
    • Analyzer
    • Timelines
    • Modeler
    • Task management
    • In-context knowledge sharing via Knowly
    • Slack.com integration for stakeholder collaboration

Four-Layer Architecture

The Unit4 People Platform offers a whole new level of capabilities designed around the needs of people, enabling you to harness the latest advances in key technologies (such as social, mobile, predictive analytics, cloud and big data).

It provides benefits to key Unit4 products, making them intuitive and insightful to use, easy to change and flexible to consume.

Personal Experience – The clean user experience delivers all the information you require to all your devices for a simple interaction with the software.

Business Capabilities – Industry-specific functionality enables end-to-end business processes tailored to your front- and back-office needs.

Smart Context – Our self-driving ERP and state-of-the-art predictive technology simplifies decisions, processes and collaboration by providing the relevant information that your organization needs.

Elastic Foundation – A smart information model captures the essence of your business, no matter how simple or complex, and then drives your business processes with powerful and flexible business rules, reporting and analytics.

Empower your teams with flexible enterprise software that tackles complex tasks

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In the age of the Digital Revolution, change is constant. The need to routinely access information, to add to it, publish and consult on it is unparalleled. But many organizations are still using old, inflexible ERP systems.

Unit4 Business World On! is different.

It is a solution which empowers your organization to focus on high-value tasks that deliver quality service. Providing complete control, it liberates your people from data entry and unwieldy software, so that they can focus on delivering outstanding service. and when projects evolve and new demands arise, your people can make changes without the customary IT bottleneck.

Business World On! provides 24X7 access to dedicated mobile apps.  Now individuals can complete their tasks on their preferred devices – when they want, where they want, how they want. These separate, task-focused capabilities mean you can tailor your solution to your specific finance, HR and project requirements, ensuring you can gain:

  • Empowered Finance Planning

  • Smart Team Work

  • Successful People Management

  • Strategic Estate Management


Over 3,500 organisations in over 100 countries already use Unit4 Business World for operational support and strategic management across an impressive range of core business functions.

  • "We can respond more quickly to the ever-changing environment in which we operate, make more informed decisions and work more productively, using accurate and organisation-wide data."

    Finance Manager and Project Manager, Trócaire

    Read the full success story

  • Magnox enjoys increased control, data consistency, insight and clarity from key systems.

    Read the full case study.

  • “We are a textbook model for an organisation that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the Unit4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.”

    - Director of Finance, Cranfield University

    Read the customer success story
    Download the full case study

  • "Using Unit4 Business World allowed us to meet our goal of applying industry best practice consistently across our entire business whilst at the same time keeping it simple. That’s why we’ve been so successful."

    Ian Fleming, Finance Director, Currie & Brown

    Download the case study

What does the next-generation ERP look like?

Change happens fast, and your systems need to extend and transform as rapidly as your business.

As a scalable, people-centric ERP solution designed for the unique demands facing service organisations, Unit4 Business World puts change completely under your people’s control, from the highest executive to the individual front-line user.

The latest version of Unit4 Business World helps you unlock the best from your team and adapt to new opportunities and challenges – faster, more cost-effectively and without disruption. Business World leverages the latest innovations of the Digital Revolution, such as predictive analytics and sentiment analysis, to transform complex information into smart information. It helps make the concept of “Self-Driving ERP” a reality, empowering your people to make informed decisions, collaborate better and focus on the tasks that matter.

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Cloud at your Speed

Enabling your team to fully control your move to the cloud securely - at the speed you require.

  • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the cloud, with minimal effort.
  • Standardised: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
  • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
  • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the cloud, and when it gets there.