Live change

Adapt to business change easily, at the user level, without IT intervention

Gain efficiency

Simplify your tasks through business process automation and workflow

Increase profitability

Link travel, financial, and operational information for better decisions and full business visibility

Deliver customer satisfaction

Enable your teams to be more informed and responsive to your customers

Don’t endure change, live it

What if you could adapt to business change easily, at the user level, without IT intervention?

A turbulent business environment seems to be an unavoidable reality for travel management companies (TMCs). TMCs need every advantage to compete in the always changing dynamics of their environment.

Many kinds of change, from a highly anticipated merger to a sudden regulatory amendment contending with regional and international change, can create challenges significant enough to compromise a TMC’s competitiveness.

What if you could achieve maximum efficiency with minimum keystrokes?

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TMCs are going places with Unit4's unparalleled insight, smart context technology and industry-driven functionality.

In a changing corporate environment, TMCs need tools that provide maximum efficiency without being bogged down by low-level tasks. We believe TMCs deserve a software solution that provides:

  • Superior efficiency with built-in error correction

  • Reduced need for multiple travel agency software systems

  • Consolidated reporting in one software solution

  • Consistent data throughout all back-office processes – one version of the truth

  • Increased productivity through a common interface with standardized tools

  • Quick and easy user-based system changes in response to business, from changing regulations and reorganizations, to mergers and acquisitions, without IT intervention

  • More time to manage your business effectively.

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Unit4 has worked closely with Travel Management Companies around the world and is proud to call 40% of the TMCs on the Travel Weekly Power List  our customers year after year.

  • "Bringing together the travel database with live interface to the general ledger saves time, reduces headcount and allows us to see, at any given moment, the complete picture of ARC sales and the agency's revenue. The new multi-client feature allows us greater flexibility to operate a multi-divisional agency with different business models and to rapidly integrate acquisitions."

    Travel Leaders Group

    Read the full success story

  • "The solution allowed seamless growth (without adding personnel) and the ability to provide superior data to our customers…during a period where Ultramar grew three times its original size."

    Ultramar Travel

  • "By using Sabre® CentralCommand™ powered by Unit4 Business World, HRG North American was able to "look at revenue by type of industry (e.g. Banking, entertainment) to analyze is a particular industry is more profitable."

    - HRG North American

  • "CentralCommand provides the detailed level of reporting we need for complex settlement, billing and reporting requirements, and the operational tools to optimize our business processes. We also wanted ERP in the cloud where we could combine accounting, finance and back-office functions to enhance our internal processes and information flow."

    - Direct Travel, Inc.

  • "We can pursue acquisition opportunities such as our new office in the US, without inflating our overhead. CentralCommand has helped us eliminate over £500K in labour and legacy system costs – which in turn allows us concentrate on growing our business."

    - Key Travel

    Read the full success story

Reduced costs + increased revenue = profitability

Sabre® CentralCommand™ Powered by Unit4 is the only back office travel management software offering a fully integrated end-to-end business information system designed specifically for the changing needs of TMCs.

CentralCommand's inherent agility enables you to easily move and update your system each time your business needs change, enabling you to measure, understand, monitor and manage your business, including manage financials, procurement, HR, projects and more.

  • Enables managers to understand, develop and operate their businesses better

  • Provides significant cost savings and maximum return on investment

  • Empowers employees and decentralizes responsibility

  • Improves productivity through 24/7 access and streamlined procedures

  • Drastically reduces end-user training requirements

  • Delivers access to critical business information

  • Offers integrated operational functionality

  • Increases visibility of uncollected vendor commission.

One of the biggest challenges facing the travel industry is the collection and reconciliation of commissions. Short’s Travel saves money by bringing it in-house and depends on Sabre® CentralCommand™ Powered by Unit4 to host the data and produce accurate reports.

Deliver superior customer service

As a solution that combines travel accounting with fully integrated ERP for the travel industry, CentralCommand provides unparalleled insight into your operations, customer service and profitability.

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  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention: Provide customers with detailed and accurate reporting that meets their specific needs; reduce your response time to customer requests due to a single source of data

  • Optimize sales efforts: Create notifications and reporting that will allow you to respond and refocus sales efforts based on market conditions

  • Respond to evolving business needs: Identify trends with real-time access to business critical information, forecast revenue and costs, track productivity by supplier, branch, agent or customer and update the system easily and inexpensively as changes in circumstances require.

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