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Extend the engagement of your remote workforce

How can you keep track of employees' engagement when they are not really within the company? With employees being forced to work remotely, organizations are having trouble knowing how every employee is feeling and performing.

Employee engagement is being severely challenged around the world in this period of uncertainty. With employees being forced to work remotely, organizations are having trouble knowing how every employee is feeling and performing. How can you keep track of employees' engagement within the company, when they are not really within the company?

Facilitate learning

When you’re hiring new people to join your organization and they are forced to work remotely, a proper on-boarding will be even more key than in the traditional working format. You need to find fast, effective ways to get those employees up to speed with the values of the organization and overall integrate them into the right team. It's very important that in the first few weeks you closely follow-up on employees and have regular conversations with them to see how they are doing.

Do you have on-site coaching sessions planned? Easily replace these with online training.

When you planned to do training on-site, you can easily replace these with online training by using Unit4's Talent Management learning management system. Our easy to use course builder allows you to make courses, track completion, engagement and give real-time feedback. This way you don't have to postpone someone's onboarding or training session and the new employees will feel a real connection with your organization. This initial feeling of inclusiveness can be the foundation of an engaged worker.

Keep an overview of employee engagement and performance

When employees are working remotely, it's easy to neglect things such as engagement levels and professional wellbeing. While in uncertain periods, it's even more important to know the pulse of your organization. Do they trust the organization? How are they performing? Do they think about leaving your organization? Do they still believe in your mission and vision?

Unit4 Talent Management allows you to track the engagement levels of everyone in your company, both internal and external. If there's a drop in engagement, you'll get alerts on engagement data. The report will indicate which engagement driver has changed the most (both negatively and positively). Next to that, it will also show for which teams the overall engagement has changed the most, and in which direction the overall company is trending. An easy way to stay on top of your engagement strategy!

Support employees with continuous performance management

Being a remote worker is often referred to as lonely. Employees are at risk of feeling unsupported and might not be fully committed to their team or the organization. That’s why it’s important to offer them the right support. This can easily be done by regularly checking up on employees, measuring their engagement levels and taking timely action, following-up on their objectives and most importantly, communicating on the organization's status and events. This will make sure that when employees can then come to the office again, they won't feel as if they lost touch with the organization. They need to be able to pick up where they left off.

Communicate regularly

A good way to keep a 'real' connection in your team is to start and end your day by doing a quick stand-up. In this stand-up meeting every team member starts and ends the day with their colleagues, like they normally would when they are at the office, only now it's done online. Every team member has 2 minutes to discuss what they will be working on that day or what they have worked on and if they need any help from someone else in their team or the organization.

Don't forget to set-up a portal where everyone is kept in the loop of day-to-day activities and the progress on projects. Make sure they can access all the necessary documents and material. Tools you can use: Slack, Notion, Trello.

Unit4 Talent Management can help you stay up to date on your organization's engagement levels. Let's get in touch for a fast solution.

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