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How technology is helping organizations and people to experience real purpose

Surviving as an organization in turbulent times takes the right leadership, the right people, and the right vision and motivation. And as complexity increases, technology is taking on a vital role in ensuring everyone who works with you is empowered to do the job they signed up to do - rather than anything else. Empowered to experience real purpose. Let us show you how.

Enterprise systems have traditionally been developed in fits and starts to solve specific line-of-business problems. This means many organizations are forced to rely on legacy systems that are simply unfit for the task at hand. Especially people-centric businesses for which many ERP and other critical platforms are simply not designed.

In a working world where organizations (and people) demand absolute seamlessness and integration, this problem presents a unique challenge for leaders. How does a company attract talent – and keep that talent motivated and happy – when the vagaries of processes, admin, and technological idiosyncrasies are all working actively to prevent them from doing the work they love?

The answers lie in systems that do the job they were supposed to do in the first place: free your people to focus more on the things they’re great at doing. Whether that’s contributing more billable hours in the private sector, delivering a higher standard of service in the public sector, creating a fantastic experience for students in higher education, or having a greater impact on the individuals and communities you support in the nonprofit sector.

This freedom is the foundation of a great experience for your people. And we believe that the latest generation of enterprise software can make it a reality.

What makes the new tools so different?

We’re all used to talk of “game changers” that don’t change much and a revolving door of revolutions. But the shift in the way digital tools and services are now created presents a wonderful opportunity to press the reset button on how organizations manage their operations and the way they organize work.

Perhaps most importantly, the availability of low- and no-code systems presents your teams with the possibility of building and rebuilding the platforms they rely on as the need arises. Giving you the ability to automate processes and tasks by modifying systems as desired.

The ability to integrate data from a multitude of sources into a single platform alone can expedite processes immensely. Particularly as relates to routine tasks in Finance, HR, and IT departments (as well as some aspects of project management and resource allocation.)

Natural language processing can now be packaged to create virtual assistant programs that can quickly source information from any part of the organization’s digital estate. Meaning everyone from the top down has quick, seamless access to accurate information that lets them make better decisions about how they do their work.

And AI and machine learning capabilities help your people work faster and smarter by proactively identifying triggers for routine workflows, creating end-to-end automated processes that can run virtually without intervention.

These innovations are combining to reshape the way that your people can interact with your organization. Fully removing the burden of administration, manual processes, data entry, compliance, and reporting. And giving them an experience of work that’s based solely on the task at hand and the effect they can have on their customers, clients, and communities.

Experience what Unit4 can do to help your people experience real purpose at X4U, our first global virtual event.

With over 40 sessions on every aspect of business technology from ERP to FP&A, HCM, and financials, including:

  • Extending ERP to build efficiency: discover how extending your ERP processes can make you and your teams’ lives easier by creating a single source of truth for all planning, reporting, and forecasting.
  • Unified ERP and FP&A for a better people experience: showcasing how ERP and FP&A work together seamlessly to deliver aligned and industry-specific business and financial planning processes, high data visibility among the teams and faster time to value.
  • Building for the business – extension and integration: exploring how to create a single, coherent digital operating model that encourages better working models and clearer insights for everyone.
  • Strength in simplicity – powered by Unit4 ERP: one of our customers shares insights from their journey to unify their core financial, project, planning, and HR processes into one system.

X4U is over for now, but you can still watch every session on demand by clicking below.

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