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Solving Customer Challenges with AI: Unit4’s Approach to Transformative ERP Solutions

Organizations today face numerous challenges in managing their operational processes efficiently. From the intricacies of financial management to the complexities of project delivery and human capital management, the demand for precision, speed, and adaptability has never been higher. 

At Unit4, we recognize these challenges and leverage advanced AI and automation to provide practical, impactful solutions. We also carefully consider the user's needs with a human-centered design approach.

Addressing Key Customer Challenges with AI

Embedded AI in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions significantly enhances the system's capability to address a range of customer challenges by leveraging advanced analytics, automation, and intelligent decision-making. 

Here are several ways in which our AI integration work in ERPx helps solve common customer issues:

Financial Accuracy and Efficiency:

  • Challenge: Managing finances involves processing large volumes of data, with a high risk of errors and inefficiencies.
  • Solution: We are investing in machine learning to streamline financial operations, detect anomalies in invoice processing, and automate key tasks like bank statement processing. This reduces errors and enhances speed and accuracy, ensuring timely and precise financial management.

Project Resource Optimization:

  • Challenge: Ensuring projects meet critical metrics such as budgets, timelines, and quality while efficiently utilizing resources.
  • Solution: Growing AI capabilities in ERPx streamline data input and processing, matching individuals with the necessary skills to project needs. This optimizes resource utilization, saves time, and ensures successful project completion.

Invoice Processing Efficiency:

  • Challenge: Manual invoice processing is time-consuming, prone to errors, and susceptible to fraud.
  • Solution: AI-powered automation in our invoice management system reduces manual efforts, enhances data extraction, and detects anomalies. This leads to significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, mitigating risks of financial loss.


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Human Capital Management (HCM):

  • Challenge: Effectively managing and utilizing human resources requires precise skills tracking and planning.
  • Solution: We’re investing in AI to support skills management by maintaining a central repository of employee skills and facilitating accurate skills gap analysis. This helps in better planning and staffing strategies and ensures that the right people are matched to the right projects, enhancing overall productivity.

User Experience and Efficiency:

  • Challenge: Users need ERP solutions that are intuitive, efficient, and responsive to their needs.
  • Solution: Our human-centric design focuses on user experience, tailoring ERP solutions to meet specific user requirements. AI tools like the smart assistant provide actionable insights, streamline workflows, and enhance decision-making efficiency.

Case Studies and Practical Applications live or coming very soon:

  • Payroll Navigator 

This tool uses machine learning to transform payroll operations, increasing accuracy and simplifying exception handling. It promises up to 30% time savings, a 50% reduction in manual error correction efforts, and 40% faster onboarding for new hires.

By automating tasks and approvals, this assistant reduces manual input, leading to up to 30% time savings, 40% faster response times to supplier queries, and a 90% increase in efficiency for multi-client invoice handling.

Designed for non-technical users, this tool allows easy building of integrations and automation workflows using natural language.

  • Automated Bank Statement Processing

AI enhances the accuracy and speed of bank reconciliations by automating matching and pattern recognition, ensuring reliable processing.

  • Commitment to Data Privacy, Security, and Ethics

We’re dedicated to data privacy, security, and ethical AI deployment, adhering to all regulatory requirements, including GDPR and the EU AI Act. We ensure transparency and reliability through robust cybersecurity measures and clear communication about AI decision-making.

  • Overcoming Challenges and Looking Forward

Integrating AI into ERP can be challenging, but at Unit4, we address this by making our solutions user-friendly and technologically advanced. With our platform, we are able to anticipate and embrace future AI advancements, aiming to deliver self-driving ERP solutions that enhance efficiency and unlock new possibilities

With our AI strategy in ERPx, we aim to solve customer challenges with intelligent, adaptive, and user-centric solutions. Discover how our AI enhancements can transform your operational processes here.

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