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Transform and grow your business with ERP

Insight for business leaders in this independent report from Nucleus Research on ROI and the benefits of ERP and FP&A solutions

Nucleus Research provides insights for business leaders on technology solutions that are based on real ROI assessments. Their recent studies have shown that Unit4’s benefit-to-cost ratio is 30 percent higher than that of the total ERP market across both service and asset-centric industries. They say that when using Unit4’s complementary solutions, customers reported increased user productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved organizational visibility.

Organizations using legacy systems or spreadsheets and email lack visibility, and version control errors make collaboration difficult. Compared to the aggregated benefits and costs of all Nucleus ERP case studies of the past four years, they found that Unit4’s returned $1.78 for every dollar spent. All companies analyzed achieved a positive ROI with a payback period from one year to under two and half years.

The key benefits

  • Increased user productivity. Unit4 customers cut monthly reporting processing times by up to 90%.
  • Reduced operational costs. Using just one platform reduced hardware and maintenance costs, with one customer reporting over $120,000 in annual subscription savings.
  • Reduced staffing costs. Automated workflows and streamlined procedures cut costs by redeploying full-time employees to other value-added tasks. One organization saved 50 percent in annual IT staffing costs by reducing its system and data maintenance burden.
  • Improved organizational visibility. Organizations can segment financial and operational data by marketing channels, regions, and time periods, providing a single version of the truth. This can contribute to positive cultural change, which increases overall finance and operational engagement.

Maximizing ROI

Multi-phased deployment helps organizations achieve a faster time-to-value by deploying specific product features and addressing individual pain points one at a time and then expanding as needed for quick results while still considering long-term needs.

Democratization of FP&A. Nucleus found that with Unit4, users can report, consolidate, and reconcile data more quickly without having specialized knowledge. Organizations can also utilize Unit4’s low code development feature to develop custom forms for specific stakeholders and integrate other collaboration tools, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.


Resource planning is an integral part of an organization, and Nucleus reports that Unit4’s ERP solution, in combination with the FP&A module, returned a positive ROI in all analyzed case studies. Unified platforms that consolidate financial and operational capabilities can increase productivity and allow finance teams to focus on more purposeful tasks that look to the future, such as forecasting and analysis.

How Unit4 can help your organization

Unit4’s next-generation smart ERP and FP&A software solutions are built for forward-thinking businesses that want to transform and grow. With us, you can ‘Experience Real Purpose’ with an adaptable solution that’s right for you, now and in the future.

Check out the Unit4 People Experience Suite and read the full Nucleus Research report here

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