Handling any change can be a challenge. However, we believe the following factors enable us to help our customers meet their business objectives - no matter the change: 

  • Our commitment to customer success
  • Our extensive experience of experts around the world
  • Inherent change-embracing qualities of Unit4 solutions

Read more to see how we have empowered businesses all around the world to embrace change.

Unit4 Business World Case Studies

  • "We chose Unit4 Business World because of the seamless integration with Unit4 Financials, and the functionalities fully address our requirements. The fact that we have the advantage of direct consultants from Unit4 instead of external partners' consultants also helped in the decision. From the time when we were unable to know whether we were within the budget for each Production, to currently being able to track the status of each Production with a click of a few buttons, we are now much more in control of our project management - both in terms of costs and resources."

    Zuraidah Atan, Chief Technology Officer, Media Prima Berhad

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  • "Thanks to our Business World solution, we can now support our existing business units and any new ones much more effectively and we can keep adapting the system ourselves, as those needs change in the future. Managers at group and business-unit levels can also rely on faster, more complete and more up-to-date information to aid their decision-making."

    Budiman, Procurement Manager of PT. Len Industri (Persero)

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  • “We are a textbook model for an organisation that lives in constant change, and our software systems did not have the agility to keep up. We wanted the ability to make changes ourselves, quickly, which we can get from the Unit4 solution, but that we didn’t see elsewhere in the market.”

    - Director of Finance, Cranfield University

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  • “Unit4’s investment in digital is aligned to our strategy for the future and with Unit4 Business World we have a future-proofed solution that will continue to grow and adapt with us without compromising on the quality of finance and business data we need.”

    The Salvation Army

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  • "Unit4’s low-cost, easy-change way to support these organizational changes has allowed us to improve both our top and bottom line."

    Controller, Waiward Steel

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  • "Moving off premise to the Unit4 cloud deployment option is a significant budget advantage."

    IT Systems Administrator, Södertörn University

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  • "Unit4 has a great deal of experience in automating construction material wholesaling. A number of our partner companies are already working with Unit4 solutions and report both good functionality and comprehensive support for staff."

    Veris Construction Materials Group

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  • “Thanks to the flexible structure of Unit4 Business World, we were able to incorporate the entire French reporting content into the system quickly and easily.”

    - Finance Director, Norbert Dentressangle

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Unit4 Financials Case Studies

  • "The Asian business market is a complex one, but Unit4 Financials has the built-in multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-cultural functionality that we need."

    - Chief Accountant, Pacific International Lines

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  • "We chose Unit4 Financials because its unified ledger system allows for a 'single version of the truth'. Because we now have access to a single, central finance database, we are generating reports on demand and making decisions based on accurate data, which means we have better control of the business."

    Ahwan Hasyim, Head of Division, Corporate Controller, PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk

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  • "It's all about reducing costs so that we can continue to offer the same quality of furniture that we do now and keep the prices low"

    - Project Manager, IKEA

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  • "As our range of applications continues to change over time, we know that they can be easily integrated, or removed, because of the sophisticated nature of Unit4 Financials' underlying architecture."

    - Senior System Administrator, Reitan Convenience Norway

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  • “We are confident that powerful, flexible and robust Unit4 Financials in the cloud will help us manage changes we will be faced with in the coming years.”

    - Vice President of Finance, Jordan’s Furniture

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  • "The solution can be easily scaled as our business grows and helps us to make more informed decisions based on accurate and consistent financial and wider management information."

    - Finance Project Manager, Nando's

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  • "We believe that Unit4 has delivered an easy-to-use product that has demonstrated its ability to grow and adapt with our business."

    - P2P Stream Lead at Avis Europe

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  • "We chose Unit4 Financials because we could easily integrate it with our other systems while at the same time using it to streamline, perform and automate most of the existing processes that required several systems."

    Catherine Beus, Senior General Accountant, Pinnacol Assurance

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Unit4 Prosoft HRMS Case Studies

  • "The HR team is confident and comfortable working with the friendly and competent Unit4 consultants, who are always ready to go the extra mile for us!"

    Yap Chui Chin, HR Manager of Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

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  • "There are many improvements to our HR processes, but what is really significant is that our employee relations have improved as we are now more transparent with them than we were before. They feel valued and are benefiting from training and smooth appraisal procedures. We are continuously reviewing and updating our HR policies and they are being adopted universally across the company."

    Wayne Ho, COO of SSTC

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  • "We are very happy to use the Prosoft HRMS system, as it solves the challenges we face today and keeps us ready for the demands on our team that we anticipate in the future."

    Michael Lim, HR Director of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd.

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  • "Having previously used SAP, I feel that SAP is a system that is very controlled and not easily configurable to users' needs. One has to go through many different levels of access or approvals to make a change, which results in a very long lead time. However, with Prosoft HRMS, the super-user can easily make the change within the system, whenever there is a change to policies or guidelines."

    Philip Tan, Senior Manager, HRIS of REC in Singapore

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  • "The new, integrated system helps our HR team with analysis and reporting by giving them easy access to reliable, consistent data. This eliminates manual labour and the errors that can be associated with paper-based tracking, freeing time to focus on more strategic people-management initiatives."

    Deputy Senior Manager, Bintai Kindenko

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  • "Prosoft HRMS has definitely helped us to streamline our HR processes and do things that our previous systems could not. The systems are more comprehensive and information retrieval is really simple. Generating and printing of the reports are also very convenient. We are satisfied with what the Prosoft HRMS solution has provided us all these years. Besides these, Unit4 has excellent after-sales service. The support staff get back to us promptly and follow-up is good and we always feel valued as a client."

    Human Resource Executive, Advanex

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