10 Steps for Selecting the Right ERP Software

Need help selecting an ERP solution?

An Enterprise Resource Planning system has a huge impact on the success and growth of your organization so it's important to follow a detailed selection process when choosing your ERP solution.

ERP solutions provide integrated management of core business processes. The right ERP can help your business run more efficiently and allow you to identify growth plans and act on them.  

Many businesses are moving to adopt more advanced systems and even cloud ERP solutions. They are investing in this type of business software to replace outdated and disparate accounting programs, homegrown systems, or non-ERP solutions.  

There are many ERP solutions on the market and selection regret is a reality. Selecting the right ERP solution can be challenging. You need to select software that suits your needs now and in the future. A key part of the process is asking the right questions. 

Download our 10-step guide to navigate your way through the process.  

Our whitepaper “The ERP Selection Process: 10 Steps to Selecting your ERP Solution” will help you ask questions such as: 

  • How do we begin the selection process? 
  • How will we keep score? 
  • How do we narrow down our options? 

Just as important are the important questions you must ask yourself and your organization: 

  • Who will make the decisions? 
  • What do we need the system to achieve? 
  • What about the future requirements we don’t yet know about? 

“The ERP Selection Process: 10 Steps to Selecting your ERP Solution” provides a great framework to guide you from the starting phase to picking the right ERP solution to formalizing a project plan.