Is Modifying and Maintaining your ERP Costing you too Much?

Executives and managers tell Mint Jutras that the failure of ERP solutions to support change causes havoc to their operations and valuations.

Download analyst Mint Jutras "The High Cost of Business Disruption in Modifying and Maintaining ERP: Is it costing you too much?" report to find out what executives are saying abbout business change and the disruption it causes.

You'll learn:

  • 96% of respondents said that ongoing business change requires moderate to extensive modification of their ERP and usually demands expensive recoding.
  • Change is driven by mergers, regulatory or compliance laws and reorganizations.
  • The frequency of needing to update ERP solutions has rocketed 111% since the previous survey.
  • Unit4 Business World customers see a rapid return and a much lower TCO than competitive products.