The Heart of the Enterprise in the Digital Era

Posted by  Robin Schaffer

Digital business transformation has the world abuzz. New models! New threats! New opportunities!  We are obsessed with every exciting new-fangled thing that will skyrocket our organizations to unfathomable heights…or leave us a broken heap on the side of the launch pad. Time is moving faster and faster as we speak. Contrast this with familiar old ERP. Finance, HR, procurement applications that support functions as old as business itself. Sure, we need those functions, but they don’t have anything to do with digital transformation.

Or do they?

What happens if your ERP is stuck, inflexible, bloated? Sucking resource that your hungry digital transformation initiatives are salivating over. Taking months and months to adapt to the change that is pounding daily at your door.

Gartner addresses this head on in Predicts 2015: ERP and Enterprise Applications in the Digital World, published November 17, 2014: “ERP solutions have a dual role to play to support digital business: as a solid, stable core foundation and as an enabler through new technological innovations.

The rock-solid ERP core must become like a super efficient heart of the enterprise — beating in time, well-maintained but not bloated. Those organizations that turn the ERP "elephant" into the agile ERP "panther" will gain the competitive advantage in the digital era.” It’s all about agility.

More than any time in the past, organizations with backbone systems that support innovation and transformation will reign supreme. These systems unleash energy and free resources to pounce on fast moving opportunities. Is your ERP enabling the transformation of your business or tethering you to a life that just doesn’t work anymore? - Robin Schaffer, Analyst Relations, UNIT4

Robin Schaffer

Robin Schaffer

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