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Posted by  Stephan Sieber

Selling business software to people in service organizations is more than just selling products and services. Sales professionals in Unit4 empower people in service organizations with business software that fits the way people work and this will change the workplace forever. We’d like the best of the best to be part of our mission and become part of our sales force!

Unit4 is changing the face of enterprise software and making it consumer grade, self-driving and user friendly. We’re building systems that work for people in service-centric organizations. My personal objective for 2016 is to have the best and happiest sales force in Unit4 that wants to be part of our mission. If we have a happy sales force that makes its numbers, wins deals and is passionate about empowering people in their work, this will automatically influence the rest of the organization. It creates a big pipeline of great projects to work on, which stimulates the delivery of best practice software implementations, R&D and support opportunities and business will thrive.

Everyone needs a chance to be successful and everyone needs the aspiration and the ambition to be successful as part of a great team which creates a great network across the company. We provide a lot of opportunities and it’s through every colleague that companies like ours can develop the capacity and ability to replicate success, to be successful again and again.

Have a look at our sales career opportunities and contact recruitment@unit4.com for more information!

Unit4 Sales Mission by Chief Sales Officer Stephan Sieber from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.


Stephan Sieber

Stephan Sieber

Stephan was appointed CEO of Unit4 in 2016, responsible for leading the development and execution of the company's long term strategy. He joined Unit4 in 2014 as EVP Strategy and Operations and became responsible for global sales operations in 2015. Stephan previously worked for SAP where he held multiple leadership positions over more than 10 years including Managing Director of SAP Switzerland and Chief Operating Officer of the region DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). He was also a member of the management team of SAP Germany. He completed an Advanced Management Program at INSEAD in 2002 and an MBA with the University of Toronto in 2007.