Students Around the World Need Better Digital Management

Posted by  Jami Morshed

In a recent online study, students around the world provided answers to a series of questions regarding his or her overall satisfaction with their ability to digitally manage their university life. Participants of the study included students from the USA, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Benelux and France. A couple of specific areas of focus throughout the online study included a measure of students' perceptions of their universities' current digital administration and a determination of whether students perceive a "digital downgrade" when comparing their university admin systems to other digital aspects of their life.

Main Areas of Concern

Although approximately seven out of 10 students surveyed stated that they are generally satisfied with his or her school's current administration, the vast majority feel they would be more satisfied with a few key changes to their available student management tools. Some of the most troubling issues for students include too much paperwork, complicated management tools and not enough value for the costs involved in paying for their university experience.

Too Much Paperwork

In today's world of progressive technology, it may seem astounding to find that many colleges and universities still utilize outdated practices for helping students manage their class schedules, tuition and extracurricular activities. That is exactly what many of the students surveyed found once they enrolled in their college program. In fact, only about two-thirds of participants in the U.S., Canada, Singapore and France feel that it is easy to manage their university life digitally. The high level of paperwork involved in these colleges makes the entire process cumbersome and difficult for many students.

Complicated Management Tools

One of the biggest complaints among students surveyed is that the management tools available at their university are complicated and time-consuming. When asked about the possibility of combining all administrative management into a single digital system for students to utilize throughout their enrollment, about 90 percent of students stated that they would be more satisfied with their university if that should happen. In addition, about 70 percent of students polled said they would recommend that their university reviews and changes its administrative digital strategy to streamline administration and simplify student management.

Costs Too High for What They Get

During the survey, nearly half of all participants expressed that they feel managing their student life ought to be easier considering the high costs involved in getting their education. In fact, shockingly, a staggering one-third of students in the U.S., Canada and Singapore have three or more student log-ins, while a fifth of students in Canada have four or more. When questioned about the concept of a web page or application that shows students their current progress in their degree and provides the ability to access proof of qualifications, the majority of survey participants stated that it would be "very useful."

Simplified Management Strategies Promote Student Success

Although, according to a recent study, the majority of students in the USA, Australia, U.K., New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Benelux and France are currently satisfied with the administration at his or her university, they still agree that some changes and upgrades would make their student experience less stressful. Not only can a digital admin app help students more effectively manage their coursework and academics, but it can also streamline application processes to create program-specific application types and document management.

Satisfied Students and University Staff

Digital admin apps that include admissions technology designed to configure workflows that automate outreach campaigns based on prospect behavior, as well as relationship management tools that build long-term affiliations with alumni and partners, can both have a significant impact on universities' ability to meet student needs and expectations. Students are happier and pressure on university staff is reduced, making the entire university experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Jami Morshed

Jami is vice president of global higher education at Unit4. My mission is to help colleges and universities improve student success and institutional effectiveness. I’m responsible for everything we do at the Unit4 Global Center of Excellence to help institutions prepare for the future through scalable and comprehensive software solutions that streamline and modernize core business processes while eliminating the burden of managing ever-changing technology.

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