Unlocking untapped potential in your business

Posted by  Ton Dobbe

The Professional Services industry is in a new phase of transformation. There are different factors at play that have the potential to reshape the sector and the way it conducts business, including the impact of the war for talent, the digital disruption, the changing economic and market conditions around the globe, and the shifting customer expectations concerning their definitions of project success. Obviously this brings threats, but also plenty of new opportunities. Just think about it:  

  1. Crossing the boundaries: imagine a world where you deliver the best multi-disciplinary/multi-cultural (global) approach to professional services. Where all teams are empowered to collaborate and deliver.
  2. The war for talent: what if AI-based technology improves your people’s engagement at work by 25%?
  3. Transformation to "Outcome-led" contracts: imagine a world where 80% of your contracts share objectives between customer & supplier – how would this change your approach to governance, and in what areas could technology help to make a competitive impact?
  4. Cost of delivery under pressure: imagine delivering hyper growth through innovation versus rapid commoditization and compensation on cost.
  5. Redefinition of value and impact: what would the implications be for the community you serve if value was not only measured in numbers? What would that do to the engagement of your people?

These are just a few of the common problems we see when working with Professional Services Organizations around the world that can be overcome. But what can you do about it? How can you act upon these trends? How can you create momentum? And how can you grow your competitive advantage?

An approach based on the concepts of Design Thinking

To answer this question, we have developed an approach based on the concepts of Design Thinking: The Unlocking Untapped Potential Workshop. During this 3-5-hour workshop, we deliberately step 'away' from technology to have an open discussion about the following three fundamental aspects:

  1. What defines you? i.e. what is the actual purpose of your business, what are your value drivers, and what are your top ambitions for the coming 1-3 years?
  2. What's going on? i.e. what are the key trends in your market that have the potential to impact your value drivers (positively or negatively)?
  3. Looking ahead, i.e. defining the key challenges and threats ahead concerning the defined trends and the impact they can have on your value drivers and ambitions.

From there, we hit part four of the workshop: Unlock Potential. This part is all about defining the top 3 opportunities to create meaningful impact  ̶  or even disruption  ̶  in your market by smartly applying technology.

The outcome of the workshop is your own Vision Map, which connects value to the purpose of your business, and provides you with a clear overview on the 'Why you should change', 'How you will improve', and 'What you will gain’. Simply contact your Unit4 account manager, if you value to inspire the future of your business in 2017!

Ton Dobbe

Ton joined Unit4 in 1991 as a partner manager before moving to the product team and subsequently taking the position of product manager. He became global head of product marketing in 2015 and has since been responsible for some of Unit4’s most successful product launches. He took on the role of chief evangelist in 2016.