How Assessments Stop Scope Creep from Killing Your Projects

Posted by  Martijn van der Hoeden

Scope creep has a way of seeping into your projects and destroying them from within. The changes might seem innocent at first, but before long you're looking at a requirements list that's five times longer than when you started. You do have access to a secret weapon that's here to help you: assessments. 

The Benefits of Assessments

An assessment gives you the opportunity to take a step back to discover how much scope creep has set in during the project. You have a few options for incorporating this into your project management process. The assessment could occur after particular milestones when you see certain metrics in your analytics solution, or at regularly scheduled intervals. 

If scope creep has happened, you catch it early. You can adjust the course of the project at that point, rather than trying to compensate when you're too far in to do much about it. 

Creating an Assessment Process

The level of difficulty associated with putting an assessment process together depends on the solution you have in place for your project management and human resource management. Ideally, you use objective metrics and markers to form the basis of your assessment. This quantitative practice makes it easy to see if scope creep is slipping into your schedule and how badly it's impacting the team. 

Once you have a system in place for the assessment, you need to know what to do if you do detect scope creep. Don't try to play it by ear every time you run into this issue. Have a clearly defined process and automate as much of it as possible so you can minimize the time to make the adjustments.

Professional Services Automation

Make use of a self-driving PSA solution that has several features that allow you to accomplish this, such as giving you real-time insights into the project progress. 

Keep your projects profitable by using assessments to stop scope creep before it overwhelms your available resources. Want to learn more ways to drive operational excellence for your organization? Register for Unit4's on-demand PSA Suite webinar to discover how this solution can empower your professional services organization. 

Martijn van der Hoeden

As Founder of the PSA Suite and Global Head of the PSO Center of Excellence, Martijn van der Hoeden drives to provide the Professional Services Organizations to improve their performances and maximize their organizations efficiency with the Unit4 PSA Suite.