How technology can help government serve citizens better

Posted by  Mark Gibbison

Government services are all too often thought of as singular interactions. Applying for programs, finding tax information and paying a bill are all seen as one-off communications. However, citizens are making it increasingly clear that they want to enhance the relationship they have with their government. The goal is moving away from simply providing services toward adapting so you can better serve citizens over the long-term.

Citizens have a number of options when it comes to communications. They want to be able to interact with governments on any form of media, from websites to mobile devices, and government agencies must be able to meet them there. The public requires full access to information and services, and it should be as easy as possible for them to access what they need.

The right ERP technology can improve the service delivery process significantly, but many current systems fall short for government's purposes. The answer lies in creating a people-centric environment that enhances both front- and back-office efficiency. To get there, government administrators and decision makers have to solve four key issues:

  • How to connect the front and back office - Governments must be able to streamline back-office functions and open shared channels for information and resources with the front-office. Efficiency in these areas promotes efficiency throughout your organization.
  • How to better handle a large volume of requests from the public - An ideal system provides multichannel technology and consistent information across all mediums.
  • How to respond better to ad-hoc requests - Citizens don't provide a schedule of when they're going to request services or information, so your organization must be able to provide exactly what they need, when they need it.

Government agencies need to make changes to their IT infrastructure to answer these questions convincingly.

Public sector organizations must be able to provide top-notch services efficiently and cost-effectively. Enhancing the technology you use to provide citizens with services and information is key to ensuring the best outcomes.

Mark Gibbison