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Unit4 FP&A
lease accounting software
for IFRS 16

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Implement lease accounting faster

IFRS 16 for lease accounting is designed to improve reporting accuracy and transparency by requiring lessees to recognize all leases on their balance sheet. Unit4 FP&A includes a dedicated lease management application to enable easy introduction of IFRS 16.

Watch this recorded demo to get a flavor of how we can transform IFRS 16 lease accounting for your teams.

Key capabilities

Identify the effects of each leasing contract on the balance sheet

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Track P&L and KPIs with a single click in Unit4 IFRS 16

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Use the intuitive simulation and analysis options to understand the full picture

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Comply with IFRS 16 in just a few simple steps

    Step 1

    Import or use database-driven recording of your company or group’s leasing contracts.

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    Screenshot showing the IFRS 16 capabilities of Unit4 FP&A
    Step 2

    Identify the effects on accounting for each contract and aggregate the effects for each selected dimension (such as contract group, company, cost center, group, etc.).

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    Screenshot showing the IFRS 16 capabilities of Unit4 FP&A
    Step 3

    Create a posting template to transfer data to the ERP or consolidation system to adjust the (consolidated) financial statements according to IFRS 16.

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    Screenshot showing the IFRS 16 capabilities of Unit4 FP&A

    Create a better way to work

    • Automate the import of leasing contracts and database-driven recording.

    • Multi-user capabilities.

    • Identify the effects on your balance sheet, P&L and KPIs with a single click.

    • Secure data storage.

    • Transparent calculations.

    • Simulation and analysis options (including visualizations).

    • Compatibility with all ERP or consolidation systems.

    • A cost-effective and easy to implement (5-10 days) cloud-based solution.

    Using the Unit4 IFRS 16 software solution, we can import all of the lease contracts quickly and easily. We can then identify the effects of accounting for each contract, and aggregate those to different cost centers.

    Robert Abery

    Management Accountant, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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    Ensure public sector lease compliance with IFRS 16

    IFRS 16 standards are coming into force for public sector organizations in 2024. If you’re still using legacy software to manage lease accounting, this will create extra manual work for your finance teams.

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    What is IFRS 16 and how will it impact organizations in 2024?

    Read our blog to discover more about the challenges organizations will face as they transition to the new lease accounting standard and how Unit4 can provide a cloud-based solution.

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