How to Create Synergy Between Your Microsoft Products

Posted by  Martijn van der Hoeden

Collecting your leads is just part of the process for turning potential clients into long-standing customers. You have to foster your leads and keep your contacts organized. That's because fostering business growth requires keeping track of your contacts and leads. But without an organized system, it's easy to lose track of your contacts. Also, being unorganized plays a contributing role in why many salespersons miss out on an opportunity to generate potential sales. Thus, it's key to have not only have an organized system for tracking your leads but also to have a way to make those leads collaborate with your contacts and leads.

Microsoft's Office applications are some of the most widely used for productivity, and they stretch across industries, from the education sector to the travel industry. These applications can be used for word processing, presentations and calculations, and they all come in handy when you're presenting to potential clients or customers or for keeping records of leads. But when you're on the go and using Office products, how do you get that accomplished? Moreover, if you use other products or platforms that offer more robust or flexible features for tracking your contacts and leads than your Office products alone, it can slow down your productivity and possibly hamper an opportunity to convert a lead into a customer if your Office products cannot collaborate with other applications. That's why it's important to create synergy among the various Office products that you use in conjunction with your contacts and leads, whether you're in the work environment or working while traveling. Here's how you can accomplish it:

Use Robust Platforms That Support Synergy With Integration

Office products can be used via the cloud, but many enterprises still opt to use downloaded software applications that work on their desktops and other stationary devices. Also, not all enterprises use the latest version of the Office products available. If you're typing information in an Office database that holds all of your contact information but later decide to upgrade the product so that you can use updated version, you want to be able to have that information translate without interruption. To achieve this synergy, you have to use platforms that facilitate integration. It makes a difference in how productive you can be with nurturing your leads by improving productivity. You can use an automation solution that integrates with Office applications, products and platforms to manage your leads, such as Unit4's PSA Suite. By using these products you can save time by keeping the process moving for lead nurturing.

Collaborate With Colleagues on Best Practices

Part of making your Office products work for you is sharing the experience. Collaborating with other colleagues and coworkers helps to provide you with insight on what is working for them that you may not be aware of. This may include tools or tips that your colleagues may put into practice. Have an open dialogue, use a company forum, or set up a time to discuss the tools and practices that can help you use your Office products in a better way that helps you to leverage your contacts.

Go for Mobile-Friendly Integration

While collecting lead information and building up your contacts is an important part of nurturing your leads, it's also time-consuming. Moreover, if you're on the go, traveling from business meetings to conferences, collecting this information and then entering it in an Excel sheet can create extra work that can take away from valuable time that you can spend on revenue-generating activities. Being able to use products across different devices and channels is important to creating efficiency and staying productive when you have to work while traveling. Instead, you can create synergy between your Office products and lead information regardless of the device you use when tools that support mobile devices and simplify this administrative tasks.

Opt for Automation

It's important to automate your processes to make sure you're not missing out on any opportunities to develop the relationship with potential customers. For example, you can use solutions that automatically remind you to follow up with a lead at a scheduled date or time once you've collected the lead's information from a trade show or event. To help your leads travel down the sales channel and convert to a customer, you have to nurture the process. You can make your Office products work for you to facilitate lead nurturing by optimizing automation to ensure specific transactions and steps occur. Go for tools that help you to automate your processes so you can leverage every opportunity available to develop and nurture your leads.

Final Thoughts

It's vital to get Office products to work in harmony and balance with your leads and contacts so that you can maximize your productivity and opportunities to positively impact your profits. You have to be your own project manager when it comes to tracking and following your leads. Creating synergy between Office products in combination with your leads and contacts is an optimal way to get this done. But it requires having a plan in place that includes using robust platforms with automated and integrative features, harnessing flexible, mobile-friendly tools, and even collaborating with colleagues to understand what has been working for them. By optimizing the tools, practices and platforms that facilitate automation, integration and organization, you can create synergy between your Office products and your leads and contacts.


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Martijn van der Hoeden

As Founder of the PSA Suite and Global Head of the PSO Center of Excellence, Martijn van der Hoeden drives to provide the Professional Services Organizations to improve their performances and maximize their organizations efficiency with the Unit4 PSA Suite.