How Well Are You Serving Your Customers?

Posted by  Emma Keates

In a recent ReadWrite article, our CEO Stephan Sieber asks how well are you serving your customers? It summarizes the findings of a survey we recently commissioned among senior management and C-suite execs considering the business model changes services organizations are making in the Everything as a Service (XaaS) economy. It found that while only 21 percent of businesses have moved to a fully subscription-model pricing system, about half (52 percent) have partly adopted subscription pricing. However, it is clear to see that change is coming, and coming fast, as the majority of businesses — 61 percent — stated that they have made changes of some sort to their business models as a result of XaaS. Additionally, of those that have made changes, three-quarters believe that XaaS has positively influenced their business model, products and services. And that’s not all. 72 percent have actively extended their services beyond their traditional core markets, 79 percent have expanded services to new international markets and 85 percent have increased their income because of the changes they have made.

You’re not alone if you feel that your organization is lagging behind, however, as the survey also found that 47 percent of C-Suite executives believe they are late to implement changes, and 41 percent believe they are behind their competitors. It’s clear a customer revolution is underway, in which the most successful organizations will leverage technology to remodel their offerings, and to empower their people to be their best

Emma Keates

Emma Keates

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