Unit4 Prevero CPM is driving better and faster decisions for the City of Stockholm

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Public sector organizations face constant pressure to better serve citizens. With an increasing emphasis on transformation and achieving value for money, organizations must leverage technology in the best possible way to achieve these goals.

We’re proud to provide the core system for financial and performance management across the departments and companies within the City of Stockholm, supporting the City on its journey to become one of the smartest and most connected cities in the world. They recently added our Prevero Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution enabling them to better analyze their data, create insights about how they should move forward, and then act with confidence. New AI technology at the heart of Prevero delivers advanced data analytics driving new levels of data-driven decision making for forward-looking organizations.

Andreas Stockhem, project and process manager at the City of Stockholm describes some of the reasons they selected Prevero.
1. User-experience - Unit4 Prevero is very easy to use, simple and fast, which is important for our 4000+ users. 
2. Complete toolbox for budgeting and forecasting - It has smart solutions that support the traditional top down planning as well as bottom up. Managers benefit from new data, insights and support to plan more efficiently, continuously optimize performance and evaluate new opportunities. 
3. Prevero can also handle complex business models - Stockholm has many different types of activities. District administrations, specialist administrations and various companies that need a financial planning solution that connects our complex network and ties operations together. 
4. Unit4 Prevero is tightly integrated with our ERP, Unit4 Business World, so we benefit from working in one consistent platform. We’ve been using Business World as an accounting and purchasing system primarily. By adding Prevero, a market leading CPM solution, we benefit from a smarter, even more cohesive solution where system administration and user experience work together seamlessly across the whole organization.

In 2018, Unit4 was awarded Public Sector Solution of the Year at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards for its work with the City of Stockholm. The awards recognize best practice in customer solutions and service excellence across Europe. The project continues to deliver impactful results.

Unit4 and the City of Stockholm were selected from more than 500 entries. The judges said:

"When the whole market talks about digital transformation, it feels good to find such a strong example that the technology is used in such a comprehensive and efficient way for a client who clearly understands how the changing role of IT can mean, and who works with a partner to implement it on a large scale."

Unit4 provides software solutions to more than 1,500 public services sector customers worldwide, including central government offices, local government, healthcare providers, and law enforcement.

Emma Keates

Emma Keates

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