How cloud benefits your employees, your IT team and your business

Posted by  Erick Bos

There are many advantages to embracing cloud-based technology, starting with business infrastructure. Let’s join Erick Bos, Unit4’s head of product management for cloud and platform, as he explains more.

Everything will move to the cloud eventually, but it’s up to your business to decide how quickly you get there. Some companies realize the benefits and make the move straight away; others hold back because they’re not sure where to start.

Here at Unit4, we want to give you the confidence to embrace cloud technology, so we’ve launched a new Stratospheric Cloud Migration program. It’s a powerful way to transform your workplace people experience, and the process is much easier than you think.

Watch the video from our recent Cloud Migration event, where I talk about the advantages of cloud, and see why this might be the last migration you’ll ever make.

To learn more about how Unit4’s Cloud Migration offering can help you get faster time to value, cut costs and quickly benefit from running your solution in the cloud, visit https://www.unit4.com/migrate2cloud.



‘Stratospheric’ service takes cloud migration to new heights [video]

Erick Bos

Director Cloud Excellence at Unit4