automation complete the finance solution puzzle

Does automation complete the finance solution puzzle?

Increasingly, automation is helping CFOs reshape how professional services do business and manage their finances.

The missing piece

Automation - together with AI and big data-completes your finance transformation puzzle. Completely integrating your finance functions and bringing complete oversight to every aspect of the business. This is why they’re essential for tomorrow’s CFOs. The question is, how can they put them into practice?

Today’s CFO stagnates

CFOs are continually battling evolving challenges and changing costs. Struggling to find ways to control everyday operations and completely reimagine their role in the world.

They’re facing a new type of customer with new expectations. Engaged, data literate, and demanding greater transparency, customers want a better experience.

New challenges need new solutions

To adjust to this new focus, more and more CFOs are looking to systems for a solution. Because many current solutions struggle to:

  • Track and manage resources
  • Plan and coordinate projects
  • Forecast with accuracy
  • Find insights and information fast

And for project-based organizations, like yours, with a lot of moving parts and stakeholders, this is a big problem.

But can a new solution really do anything differently? Or will you be stuck with the same problems tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s CFO automates

The CFO’s role is growing more complex, more strategic every day.

In the future, you’ll transition into a strategic leadership position, working to keep your organization’s finances accountable. Even involved in bringing your experience and knowledge to talent acquisition to help manage talent as an asset.

Analytical thinking will become essential, as you’ll be expected to find new growth opportunities. Or asked to deliver insights into performance and innovation.

But how can you do this and:

  • Easily control data analytics
  • See the big picture
  • Keep track of the economic and regulatory environment
  • Engage your c-suite
  • Eliminate silos
  • Create a broader strategic vision

All while still managing your finance’s day-to-day functions?

Why automate?

End-to-end, fully digitized finance solutions can make business management and planning simpler. Instantly giving you a big picture view. And letting you control project management, forecasting, admin, and business performance all from one place.

Though this isn’t the whole story. Automation will let you take your finance solution beyond traditional finance functions. Finally freeing you to become the CFO of tomorrow.

This is because automation slots into place across all your key technology functions:

  • Robust reporting functions and data visualizations to put data in front of decision-makers quickly
  • Real-time financial and performance data lets you change course quickly
  • Advanced analytics and AI to uncover hidden growth opportunities and remove inefficiencies

Automations work across all functions, eliminating manual tasks and improving processes

Automation processes and manages vast data sets behind the scenes. Bringing together deep learning, AI, robust reporting and data visualizations to help you do more and simplify decision-making and planning.

Beyond automation

Automation removes many time-consuming and stressful tasks including:

  • Routine bookkeeping tasks
  • Invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Tax compliance and reporting
  • Payroll
  • Expense management

But the benefits of automating go beyond simply taking tasks away.

Automating your reporting and analytics frees up time and lets you focus on forecasting and strategy. And eliminating half of your financial tasks substantially boosts your capacity and people power.

Think bigger

Automation can help you build an innovative mix of tools to closely track KPI progress. Intuitive, real-time reporting enhances forecasting and visualizations, allowing you to manage resources, plan ahead, and spot opportunities.

Automation like AI and advanced analytics support decision making and strategy planning.

The full power of automation goes beyond efficiencies, letting you transform how finance operates, giving you the freedom to focus on the work that matters.