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Introducing our Community Manager, Filipa Pedroso

Our new Community 4U is live. This is an online platform where we along with our customers and partners can share insights and experiences with each other, together building best practice to create a better People Experience for all. To make sure we maximize the value of Community 4U, we have appointed Filipa Pedroso as our Community Manager. We asked her some questions to help everyone get to know her better:

What was your role before you started as Community Manager?

I have been working in Unit4’s Professional Services team for the last four years, which gave me a true understanding of the company. My role in the management team of Unit4’s GDC in Lisbon has made me realize that the power of Unit4 comes from the people and the way they interact with each other, which motivated me to take on the challenge of managing the Community, that focuses on this vital part of our business. I am sure my almost 20 years of working experience in people-focused roles for IT companies like SAP, and Professional Services companies like Deloitte Consulting will be of great help in my new role.

What are your responsibilities as Community Manager?

I’ve been involved in the pre-launch of the project which gave me the opportunity to have a big say in how we structured the Community. I was also involved in gathering and training a Community team of moderators and the creation of guidelines and policies. 

Now we have launched I will be responsible for creating, fostering and growing the online ‘voice’ of our Community, driving engagement between customers, partners and Unit4.

Why is a Community so important for Unit4?

Customer success and referrals are the most important thing for Unit4’s future growth. Establishing a best in class customer space enables us to better engage them, improve retention and help them continuously see results using our product or service. One of the main benefits of building a customer community is that it results in happier customers. It lets them know that they’re still top of mind even after a deal is closed. And, in turn, this continued relationship offers us an opportunity to help them reassess their needs and find opportunities to grow. We can see customer questions and pose solutions and discuss options. And we can offer relevant content. If we build a strong community and encourage engagement, our customers will jump at the chance to chime in and offer their expertise and thoughts whenever possible.

We’ll also encourage customers to connect with and help each other. This avoids having customers call the support team while in panic mode by providing them a space where they can interact with customers that have dealt with similar problems.

What’s your personal approach to benefit our customers and partners that are using the Community?

Being so actively involved in the Community 4U will give me access to unique customer and partner feedback. My goal is to take advantage of this voice-of-the-customer and -partner to create continuous improvement plans for them, working closely with our Customer Experience team.

Why do you recommend people get involved in Community 4U?

There are lots of reasons to join and engage, but to keep it short… Community 4U is more than just a knowledge store. It’s a place to build proficiency, to support each other, establish relationships, expand your network, grow professionally and perhaps even inspire a following. And of course: the more people engage and interact, the more we all benefit.

Anything else you would like to share?

The team of moderators and I are very enthusiastic about launching this new platform and look forward to engaging with everyone soon. We can’t wait to get on this exciting journey with you and truly hope that all our customers, partners and people will take advantage of this thrilling way to connect as it really makes people’s life easier.