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Now’s the time for deeper engagement in partnering

from  June 1, 2020 | 3 min read

At times of upheaval it’s easy to take your eye off the ball. There are so many immediate priorities that the natural reaction is to place longer-term strategic initiatives on the back burner.

Disruption and uncertainty create an environment where many of us instinctively turn inwards, thinking only of our own survival, and turn our back on the rest of the world.

But no business is an island. At Unit4 we believe that now is precisely the time to turn outwards to business partners and work together to create a viable future for ourselves, our partners and our customers.

This is why we have chosen this time to launch our new partner program – not in spite of everything that’s going on in the world, but because of it. Let me explain.

Organizations need their Service & Delivery partners now more than ever

Organizations in the public sector, nonprofit, education and consulting are trying to get through an extremely turbulent time. Some have seen their revenues fall off a cliff, others have seen a huge surge in demand; all have had to transform the way they work overnight – and not out of choice.

Many have turned on a dime and are coping admirably with these new conditions for the time being. But a recession is looming and many of the changes that have been foisted on us are likely to have lasting effects on employees, citizens and students.

Organizations today are busy trying to implement new processes, keep control of finances and support their people. No one knows exactly what tomorrow will bring, but whatever it is, organizations are going to need agility, innovation, expertise – and the help of their GTM and Services partners – to meet it.

Partners can help companies innovate and add value

The Unit4 partner ecosystem brings together specialists in the industries they serve and experts at enabling business innovation. They are perfectly placed to support organizations through these challenging times. They can help organizations respond rapidly to immediate issues – but always in ways that keep them moving in the right strategic direction.

For their own businesses, this means always adding value, innovating, and providing deep industry expertise. These are the things that differentiate them in the market and will allow them to keep growing in the challenging times ahead.

Services organizations need the right attitude and the business connections to confront the current situation as an opportunity – to remain positive, proactive and focused on strategic goals as well as short-term imperatives.

This is the kind of balanced attitude we’re adopting at Unit4 and it’s the spirit behind our new partner program.

A strategic approach that adds value for everyone

Unit4's new partner program is focused on empowering our partners to drive transformation for their customers and grow their own businesses. This approach is apparent in our products, the program itself and the way we work.

Our cloud enterprise software has a micro-services SaaS architecture making it an ideal platform for innovation. Low-code/no-code tools make connection with other systems and the creation of value-add extensions simple for service and delivery partners.

The program itself is about sharing success across partners, customers and ourselves. We’re committed to partnering for the long term – investing time, training and support in forming strategic relationships. We provide the skills, tools and innovation so that our partners can enhance their own performance and help their customers improve theirs.

Unit4 company culture puts People Experience first. It’s a principle embodied in our software products that differentiates us in the market place. We serve sectors that are people-centric and we work with partners who have a good cultural fit with our own. This makes for productive and harmonious teamwork that delivers value to the end customer.

A win-win-win formula

At Unit4 we’re steering our way through the current situation without taking our foot off the gas – and this program will enable our partners to do the same. Together we can help our end customers weather the storm while pivoting their businesses for the new normal ahead.

Our software, our people-first culture and our new partner program together form a powerful and differentiated proposition which will help our partners help their customers to help the people they serve.

You can find out all about the new partner program here.

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Portrait photo of Beata Wright, Unit4 EVP/Global Head of Partner Ecosystems

Beata Wright

EVP/Global Head of Partner Ecosystems

People are at the heart of Unit4’s vision. Simplifying, harmonizing and globalizing partner relationships is my focus, defining a new vision of "What’s possible" and capturing value for everyone involved. I’m passionate about building teams to support accelerated growth, and learning and collaborating with people to ensure continuous improvements.

My professional life takes me away from home quite a bit, so during my downtime I enjoy spending time with my family boating the lakes of Muskoka in the summer, and in the winter months (which is a good portion of the year in Canada) we hit the slopes.

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