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HCM software for CHROs and CPOs

Delivering a people-first culture

Open up the insights and tools you need – as a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) or Chief People Officer (CPO) – to put your organization's people first.

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Synchronize people strategy with organizational goals

Organizational agility is crucial in times of great change and unpredictability, and your people are your biggest asset.

Deliver organizational agility

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energize & mobilize talent

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Deploy an
agile compensation strategy

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critical skills & competencies

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Trusted by HR leaders in organizations worldwide

Empowering the Office of the CHRO

Discover how our cloud-based solutions help CHROs and their teams retain top talent and continually increase employee engagement levels, ensuring stability even in times of market uncertainty.

Drive key outcomes for your organization

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Customer stories

With Unit4 we have the flexibility to create, schedule, and conduct one-on-ones, set clear objectives, and act on the feedback we receive. The message is: ‘we are listening to you and will act upon what you tell us’

Ilse Vermeersch

C4T Co-Founder & Chief People Officer

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    A connected Unit4 HCM solution is driving rapid people transformation

    We achieved rapid results by replacing multiple people systems with one platform: time and attendance, HR master data, employee lifecycle management, travel and expenses, project allocation management, people surveys, and talent management. This was a huge change for us, and the entire suite was implemented in less than one year.

    Jussi Eskelinen
    Head of HR, Qvantel

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    Connecting people insights to boost productivity, engagement, and growth

    If something changes in the company, we’re aware of it rapidly. You’re not waiting a year for the next annual survey to arrive in your in-box, which you may or may not respond to. It’s all there in one intuitive dashboard.

    Sofie Van Eemeren
    HR and People Lead, Mobile Vikings

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    Blending core HR, payroll, talent management & finance integration for a 360-degree view of people

    From one system, we have central control over the recruitment to retirement spectrum – including profiles, payslips, time management, and training courses people have attended or are due to attend. That joined-up view enables us to support staff more closely and deliver a more engaging people experience.

    Andrea Whiting
    Systems Manager, Kingston University

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    Content image from Unit4 customer story - Kingston University

    Effective talent management supports growth

    By connecting insights from all aspects of the employee journey, we are improving the employee experience, which results in a more satisfied team of people.

    Ilse Vermeersch
    C4T Co-Founder & Chief People Officer

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    3Sixty Insights: NRS migrates HCM and FP&A to the Unit4 cloud

    Explore how NRS (formerly known as Magnox) revolutionized HCM and FP&A with a transformative cloud migration, seamlessly integrating people planning and analytics with financial planning and reporting.

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    Your Unit4 People Experience Suite

    Put the work that matters front and center and automate the rest. Unleash the true potential within your organization with our people-focused enterprise cloud solutions.

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    Discover more about Unit4 HCM software

    Engage and inspire with advanced talent management, core HR, payroll and compensation planning solutions that encompass every aspect of how your people find meaning at work.

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    Core HR Management

    Give your teams a strong, flexible and reliable core HR system that delivers exceptional employee experience and helps your organization navigate change.

    Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

    Talent Management

    Harness people-focused talent management to equip managers and teams with the right tools to boost productivity, engagement, and growth.

    Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

    Payroll Management

    Gain a time-saving, self-driving payroll management system to increase your teams' agility, simplify processes, cut manual input and reduce the risk of errors.

    Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

    Compensation Planning

    Give your managers the tools to plan, allocate and communicate key pay decisions, plus the analytics and planning capabilities to support strategic workforce initiatives.

    Unit4 - Human Capital & Talent Management Software

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