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Employee engagement measuring tool

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Focus on high-value tasks

We can help you automate many of the daily processes that take the time and energy of your staff.

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Better-informed decisions

Improved visibility of financial activity and direct insights into how decisions relate to budget, spend and ROI.

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Next-level citizen services

Empower public service employees to ‘level up’ and work to the best of their capabilities.

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Unlock business value

We can help you identify the true cost of NOT replacing your legacy finance and ERP solution.

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Your journey starts here

In this first step towards empowering employees in public services, we help you evaluate your current solution environment and your needs, with the Business Value Review. Based on the assessment, we can help you identify the true cost of not replacing your legacy finance and ERP solution.

Download our factsheet to learn more about the process behind the Business Value Review.

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In this industry focus, we explore why the public services industry has a golden opportunity and how the leaders are taking advantage of it. You’ll discover: the state of the public services industry today • the eight industry mega trends • an industry analysis by the sector experts • breaking through and overcoming barriers to success • ERP for Public Services.

Is your organization ready to seize this opportunity?

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ERP systems: How to empower employees in the public sector

For public service organisations to better serve citizens means taking a digital-first approach to operations with ERP systems at the heart. Learn more.

Empowering Employees in the Public Sector to deliver AI-enabled Financial and smart Talent Management

In this session, we showcase great examples of how government agencies are leveraging AI and Smart Technologies, and give you the opportunity to learn more about the work that Unit4 is doing with leading public sector organizations.

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Increasing citizen value with People Experience software

Discover how People Experience software is enabling Public Services organizations to improve their citizen services.

Join Mark Gibbison, Head of Unit4 Public Services, and learn how People Experience software helps Public Services organizations reduce their administrative burden & focus more on value-driven tasks.

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Request a demo

We’ve talked a lot here about empowering employees.
We’d love to give you a taste of what your organization’s future could look like.

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