Making Self-Driving ERP a reality

Posted by  Stephan Sieber

We've talked about self-driving ERP before and today's announcement detailing an alliance with Microsoft brings us another step closer to delivering our vision. Self-driving ERP is a concept Unit4 has developed for its ERP software. Like a self-driving car, self-driving ERP takes care of tasks that are better served by technology, leaving people to focus on the exceptions that need human intervention. Self-driving ERP doesn't ask the user to constantly enter data. It doesn't require huge amounts of training in order for users to understand how to achieve desired outcomes. Self-driving ERP becomes an intelligent support and planning system that utilizes information from all sorts of internal and external sources including productivity tools (calendar, outlook, document systems, social tools) to drive cases,projects and initiatives and tasks. It delivers actionable insight based on what it already knows. The system will make suggestions based on company behavior, personal behavior, the weather, traffic and all other possible sources it pulls data from. With Self-Driving ERP, the business opportunities are endless. Professional services firms will be able to combine an analysis of historical data with predictive analytics to gain valuable insight on which projects to bid for (and which not). Public sector organizations will improve fraud detection on bill payments with advanced pattern recognition and machine learning. Not-for Profits will have the ability to match campaigns to donation patterns and target donors more effectively. Universities will be able to spot ‘drop outs’ as early in the process as possible by applying pattern recognition to various processes etc... Unit4 is well on its way to making this new approach to enterprise computing for people-centric organizations a reality. Unit4 and Microsoft both design their solutions to unlock the potential of people, not machines. Customers will see this in the solutions we bring to market that will incorporate disruptive technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing, with the aim of helping people work smarter and happier. Read the full announcement here

Stephan Sieber

Stephan Sieber

Stephan was appointed CEO of Unit4 in 2016, responsible for leading the development and execution of the company's long term strategy. He joined Unit4 in 2014 as EVP Strategy and Operations and became responsible for global sales operations in 2015. Stephan previously worked for SAP where he held multiple leadership positions over more than 10 years including Managing Director of SAP Switzerland and Chief Operating Officer of the region DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). He was also a member of the management team of SAP Germany. He completed an Advanced Management Program at INSEAD in 2002 and an MBA with the University of Toronto in 2007.