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Analyzer & Financial Information Center: Quick, Easy, Visual In-App Data Analysis

Posted by  Clarence Gray

Have you ever wanted to quickly analyze data in Unit4 Business World On! and wished you could do it easily, quickly and more visually within the application instead of exporting your data and doing all the calculations in Excel? Maybe even create a graph or a chart, easily choose different filters and display different dimensions to identify business patterns and trends?

There are already ways to do this with the Analyzer and Financial Information Center modules within Business World On! These two modules offer in-memory analytics, tested to be 100 times faster than database operations, with a user interface designed to let you quickly make filter selections, change dimensions and group by selections from drop-down menus.

So what is the difference between Analyzer and Financial Information Center?

Analyzer is an end-user, ad-hoc query tool based on any browser report in Business World On! while Financial Information Center allows you to report on financials – revenue, costs, budget deviations and actuals – based on your balance tables. Both tools come with the ability to drill right down to the transaction level from a summary level.

With Analyzer, you can create filters and save your favorites for each dataset, chart and create pivot tables for analysis, and even save queries for next time.

Financial Information Center allows you to run more focused financial analysis on large amounts of data, chart it through different options such as waterfall diagrams, time comparisons, pivot grids and tree maps. It maintains all the structure you’ve already built into your Business World On! solution. So, for example, if you want to create a P&L report for Department 10, the tool already knows about the existing setup of relations that define the departments and will automatically let you drill down to take a closer look or zoom out for a more aggregated view.


In summary, Analyzer and Financial Information Center will speed up and enhance your analytics capabilities and empower you to make faster, better decisions based on actual data in your system.  Reports are available directly in Business World On! and you no longer have to go through Excel files or email attachments to find historical reports. Even better, both tools require only minimal implementation effort so they are quick to get up and running.


To learn more about Analyzer and Financial Information Center, and how they can help you, contact your Account Manager today!

Clarence at Unit4

Clarence Gray

Clarence Gray is the Client Manager at Unit4 in North America. He is interested in sales operations, business processes and improvement, and when he’s not responding to RFP’s, he’s ballroom dancing in his free time.

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