Unit4 Business World On!’s capabilities allow teams to connect and collaborate through communities

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Posted by  Elizabeth Fox

Collaboration technology is changing the way we work. The growth of millennials in the workplace is will reach close to 50% by 2020. This tech savvy demographic expects to be able to access information as conveniently as possible. A Queens University survey of employees born between 1980 and 2000 found that 49% support social collaboration tools at work, 50% feel that productivity is increased by the use of social collaboration tools, and across generations, 50% see the value of these tools in communicating with coworkers and clients.

As the culture of collaboration evolves, it is spurring innovation and creative problem solving, giving businesses a competitive advantage with benefits being realized against the bottom line, and improved employee retention and customer experiences. Companies are starting to see the value and are investing in technology that supports it.

Unit4 Business World On!’s capabilities allow teams to connect and collaborate through communities and, rather than use external methods of communication, everything is centred around a common subjects or event. Within Unit4 Business World On!, you can:

Foster a Community – Create a single space for you and your colleagues, so you can work effectively on a project, work topic or idea from anywhere.

Collaborate – Access information from a single screen, share it and interact instantly with your colleagues.

Add a Knowly - Knowly is a piece of information that you pin to a window in Business World On! Improve efficiency and employee satisfaction by making relevant information available in the context of a process.

Watch how Unit4 Business World On! capabilities help organizations like yours enhance collaboration across departments and entire organizations in this 4-minute video.

Elizabeth Fox

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