Chart your way to success with Unit4 Business World On! Modeler

Posted by  Elizabeth Fox

One of the Unit4 Business World On! capabilities, Modeler, has some powerful applications within Financials, Human Resources and Projects.  A few years ago, Clarence Gray wrote a blog about the advantages of Modeler's applications to HR organizational charts and how drag-and-drop changes to the org chart flow through to other areas of the system such as workflow, reporting and security.  If you missed that blog, read it now.

Modeler though, isn’t limited to the org chart application. It can be used for any type of hierarchical structure, including products or projects, and provides a sophisticated and intuitive way to manage hierarchies in your system.

Modeler allows you to graphically visualize changes, drill down to learn more about people or projects, model “what if” scenarios to the structure and even have them approved before committing the changes. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to use and the collaborative chat feature allows you to get input from anywhere in your organization.

To learn more about how Modeler seamlessly integrates with the Unit4 Business World On! ERP solution, contact your Account Manager.

Elizabeth Fox

Elizabeth is the Account Manager for Travel Industry customers at Unit4. She’s interested in travel, technology in travel and photography.

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