Unit4 Business World On! Forms: The [paper] form is dead, long live the form!

Posted by  Clarence Gray

Does your organization have Word/Excel or even paper based forms that get circulated for approvals or to capture information? These Stone Age forms could be about anything, but here are a few common ones you may recognize:

  • Procurement request to create a new vendor
  • Credit note request
  • Budget request
  • Sales form
  • Request to hire for a new or vacant position
  • On- and off-boarding Human Resources forms
  • Request for a change control note on a project
  • Project close-out form
  • Risk assessment

The list is endless!

Imagine how much more efficient it would be if your forms were digital and data was being captured directly in Unit4 Business World On! in the first place without tiresome and error-prone duplicate data entry. Electronic forms could then be routed through workflow approvals and the data automatically captured in Business World On!. This would save administrative time in processing forms and speed up approvals, and liberate staff to work on more meaningful work.  It would also give your organization a reliable, centralized view into forms and their progress in the approval process.

Unit4 Business World On! Forms has been available in the product for several releases already.  It allows you to create a digital form based on flexi-fields.  The initiator completes the form electronically in Business World On!, and then the workflow routes it to the appropriate reviewer and approver.  Now with the Spring 2017 release of Business World On!, once approved, the data can be automatically captured on the record in Business World On! using web services.

Forms video for Spring 2016 and earlier versions

Also with the Spring 2017 release, any data that already exists in Business World On! can be auto-populated to reduce time-consuming manual data entry.  Forms are now dynamic too, meaning that only relevant sections and questions will show up, based on the user’s previous answers. For example, the bank account information section is shown only when a user selects the electronic payment method in a new vendor request form.  This is a powerful tool that makes processing forms that much more effective and efficient.

Forms video for Spring 2017 version

Forms allows you to speed up your external or paper-based forms processes, capture the relevant data at the source, and move through the appropriate workflow for quick approvals with outcomes automatically captured and recorded.

To learn more about Forms, and how it can help you, contact your Account Manager today!

Clarence at Unit4

Clarence Gray

Clarence Gray is the Client Manager at Unit4 in North America. He is interested in sales operations, business processes and improvement, and when he’s not responding to RFP’s, he’s ballroom dancing in his free time.

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