Unit4 & Capgemini – differentiated solutions and service for global services organizations

Posted by  José Duarte

Organizations today are all too often working with finance and accounting structures that are stifling innovation and the ability to deliver excellent customer service. They also struggle to adapt to business change because their systems require time intensive, complex programming to make the simplest adaptation. Unit4 and Capgemini are now partnering and enriching the Capgemini BPO stack offering. See today’s announcement. Our solutions fit perfectly within Capgemini’s ’Assemble to Order’ implementation approach so customers get the best solutions to support them into the future. The combined service will provide unique benefits.

As a top tier global ERP provider, we will enhance the As a Stack BPaaS offering while Capgemini will provide expert delivery capabilities around Unit4. Together we will innovate to deliver better back-office experiences and pre-configured back office solutions in the cloud, transforming core business operations for many. This will deliver huge business value for many services-centric organizations who face a more complex and dynamic environment than ever before. New competitors and rising employee and customer expectations require consumer grade experience paired with enterprise scalability. They are looking for business partners who can help them deliver efficiency savings and lower overall running costs.

Our ERP [Unit4 Business World] is the first to fully focus on the people using it, delivering intuitiveness and insightfulness. It’s easy to make changes and react to changing business requirements from growth and expansion through the introduction of new business models to integration of acquisitions and cutting back when economic conditions change for example. This is unique in the world of ERP.

At the same time, ERP is reinventing itself with new digital technologies that focus on simplicity. We’re creating self-driving ERP! Just as self-driving cars minimize the burden on drivers, Business World automates tasks and makes processes much more efficient by suggesting actions and providing insight and business context to decisions. As a result, the business applications accomplish many tasks with minimal or no input from users. People can regain valuable time to focus on areas where they make a difference. We are collaborating with Microsoft to make this happen faster by making use of the smart technology in Azure’s PaaS platform components and Microsoft Office solutions. Things like predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing.

As part of the BPO Stack, customers will be able to quickly and easily address business challenges like the ability to integrate acquisitions and enable disinvestments. Implementation and delivery risk is reduced and top-line growth supported. And our offering is different to anything else on the market. We focus 100% on people and people-centric businesses. This focus has enabled us to build easy to adopt solutions with differentiating vertical capabilities for sectors such as professional services, higher education, public services, non-for profit, and others. Offering support for front-and back-office processes is key for the success of our customers.

Our joint proposition provides the best services and systems in the market, deployed any way they like, and with the option of a state of the art pre-configured back office in the cloud.

José Duarte

José Duarte

José Duarte joined Unit4 as Co-CEO in June 2013 and was CEO from January 2014 to April 2016. José developed most of his professional career at SAP where he held multiple leadership roles, including President of the EMEA & India region as well as President of the Latin America region. Most recently José served as President Global Services and Corporate officer of SAP. His international experience spans software and services, large enterprise and SME, high value and volume businesses.