Service Organizations in the Digital Age

Posted by  Emma Keates

Speaking at Unit4 Connect, Bob Anderson (Research VP Gartner ERP and PSA) explored the implications and opportunities of the “digital revolution” for the fast-growing global services economy.

In conversation with Unit4’s CMO Ivo Totev, he outlined how service providers have most to gain from new technology, but success will hinge on their ability to initiate and adopt new models that blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

As technology increasingly brings together people, business and things, there is a nexus of forces that can be harnessed to pursue a range of key goals, such as:

  • Competing and expanding globally.
  • Attaining operational excellence.
  • Continually diversifying and evolving the business.

What are the answers? Bob has 5 key pieces of advice for you:

  1. Embrace the Digital Revolution – now!
  2. Listen to your people and your customers.
  3. Leverage Digital immediately, to become smarter, more responsive and to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  4. Seek out vendors that “get it”.
  5. And don’t forget to transform your business culture as well as your technology.

Watch Bob Anderson in the below video, to get the full picture of how to survive – and thrive – in our Digital Future.

Interview Ivo Totev with Bob Anderson - Unit4 Connect 2016 Amsterdam from Unit4 Video on Vimeo.

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