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Everything in one place — project management, time registration and accounting

Posted by  Bas van Woudenberg

Forward-looking professional services organisations are giving project managers access to the bigger picture. Let’s bring you up to speed with how they’re doing it and why.

As a project manager (PM), they say you need to be ‘adaptive and proactive’ team leaders with a ‘sound management strategy’ and ‘consistent team communication’. But how can you do that when you’re disconnected from the nitty-gritty?

The best PMs have a complete view across the terrain of a project, from resources to scheduling and budgets to key performance indicators (KPIs). But the blessing of this PM perspective is also its curse. You can’t see over silo walls. You have no immediate insight into actual hours, expenses and invoices when the information sits in a spreadsheet on somebody else’s laptop.

This disconnection from the minutiae of the project can be frustrating. But it doesn't have to be like that.

Proactivity starts with technology

Today, people-centric organisations around the world can manage almost everything through professional services automation software which includes time registration and accounting capabilities. This means they are monitoring budgets, revenue forecasts, and other company financial requirements from within one system. Understanding their resource allotment and expenditure gives them valuable insights into how they can improve their current and future projects. With the use of software tools, they can set up business milestones to track pivotal execution points in their project, ensuring they stay on target.

Everything in one place

At Unit4, we’re in business for people, so we’re here to make your life easier. That’s why we’re introducing you to an integrated suite of software for professional services automation with built-in time registration and accounting functionality. The PSA Suite is for project managers like you, as well as project accountants. Powered by data and intelligence, it creates a single source of truth by merging the landscapes of PM, HR and finance, offering a 360-degree view over the entire project.

Unit4’s PSA Suite is a native cloud solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It comes with built-in legislation, support and industry best practices for accountancy, architecture, consultancy, engineering, IT services and legal.

Tracking time and expenses on the go

To keep budgets tight, to stop billable time leaking away, team members have multiple user interfaces for recording T&E, including:

•   timesheet calendar (inc. Outlook appointments retrieval)

•   instant time entry (on account, project and case)

•   stopwatch functionality

•   T&E entry via PSA mobile app

•   everything accessible through employee portal

Combine this with flexible forecasting in the PSA Suite and you get visibility of business performance in a single, integrated solution.

By investing in one software suite for professional services automation, you can optimise resource allocation, then bill with precision thanks to self-driving timesheets. You can hit targets and measure financial KPIs with 360-degree visibility and control over your project plan, schedule, cost and budget. All this means you can deliver top-rate projects for your clients and their customers.

Let’s show you how it works

More and more forward-looking professional services organisations are making the transition from outdated, siloed software systems to an all-in-one solution like PSA Suite. We know you may have doubts, but maybe the bigger risk is sticking to the status quo.

That’s why we’re running a webinar about why now is the right time for project managers to make a step change, to move to the latest technology, and to deliver more projects to time and budget. If you’d like to hear more about how it works, join our webinar — Steer your projects in the right direction — on 27th  September 2018.

Bas van Woudenberg

Bas van Woudenberg is a professional services sector veteran, aiming to support organizations to improve utilization rates, customer satisfaction, and financial results. Bas is also the director of the Unit4 PSO Center of Excellence.