Efficiency and Visibility

Minimize risk and identify opportunites for growth

Monitor performance

Gain visibility with the click of a mouse

Real-time insight

Multi-dimensional analysis and reporting 

Superior service

Immediately react to shifting customer expectations

What if your ERP or financial system increased efficiency while delivering greater transparency?

Financial service organizations are confronted with many challenges including rising administrative expenses and increased regulations. The ability to keep costs down while maintaining service levels and ensuring compliance can be difficult.

We believe your enterprise technology should help you to minimize risk and expenses and improve satisfaction while identifying and seizing opportunities for growth. The right ERP or financial software is essential to keep your business on track for success and ensure you have access to financial and operational data to achieve high service levels and growth. It’s important to have visibility to all areas of activity for solid decision making.

Our customers who have increased efficiency while delivering greater transparency are well suited in:

  • Insurance providers
  • Hedge fund organizations
  • Private equity firms
  • Asset management companies
  • Large banks
  • Credit management firms
  • Asset recovery companies
  • Pension providers
Realtime financial data

See how well your business is doing in real-time

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With Unit4 you can monitor business performance with the click of a mouse. Deep visibility into your organization allows for greater understanding of profitable pockets.

  • Increased insight to all parts of the business to see what is doing well or isn’t.

  • Improve accountability through transparency to allocations across the organization.

  • React quickly to changes in business needs and take advantage of opportunities.

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Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of dynamic financial service firms around the world that are determined to achieve superior service and growth despite industry challenges. 

  • “Before Unit4 Business World On!, we were unable to provide COR results by business line, and now we can. Our Administrative Expenses Report used to take most of a day to complete, which required a manual cleaning and organizing of data. Now it takes less than ten minutes and five of that is getting coffee!”

    - Controller, Peace Hills Insurance

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  • "During conversations with the Unit4 consultants and demonstrations of the software, it was apparent that this software could considerably raise the formalization, visibility and auditablity of our business operations"

    - Manager Financial Administration, AXA Insurances B.V.

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  • "It's a very powerful system. Users find it easy to access and navigate the data they need, and they are able to analyze it in a variety of ways – such as by division, by expense account and by location. Now, with just a click, they can fully browse, and slice and dice the data down to a very detailed level."

    - Assistant Controller, SECURA Insurance

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  • "We have to be able to compare/calculate our actual investments, which is an area where most ERP accounting solutions fall short. The depth and detail of the Unit4 solution is extremely sophisticated, accurate and change-ready."

    - CTO, GSO

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  • "Unit4 equipped Bank of Montreal (BMO Harris Bank Division) with a highly customizable application to meet business needs that were constantly evolving. The solution automated many manual invoicing and reporting processes to put the right information at the fingertips of the right people."

    - Technical Specialist, BMO Financial Group

Gain real-time insight into finances, agility to respond to changing economies and greater regulatory compliance

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  • Receive multi-dimensional analysis of assets, key trends, sales activities and best clients to quickly determine profit margins.

  • Manage diverse and global operations with multi-everything (country, company, currency, language) capabilities for consistency, visibility and control.

  • Show responsibility and approval for various stages of any process and document procedures into systems that drive and protect your business.

  • Respond to changing economies, restructure or reorganize your operations to accommodate new reporting requirements, and merge or acquire new businesses.

  • Get the full picture of cash positions and profitability with reporting tools to meet the diverse information requirement of users across the organization.

See why Blackstone's GSO, one of the largest credit-focused asset managers in the world, chose Unit4 Financials

Designed for your people

Inherently flexible enterprise software is designed around the ever-changing needs of your people. 

    • Maintain financial control – Manage allocation of expenses and monitor performance for increased margins and profitability.
    • Streamline accounting processes – Generate proactive, predictive budgets based on what-if scenarios.
    • Bill with precision – Streamline AP/AR processes through integrated workflows and process automation for an optimized cash flow.
    • Be a strategic business partner – Use business-wide visibility to advise colleagues how to stop profits falling between operational cracks.
    • Drive business transformation – Execute mergers and acquisitions smoothly without the need for system reprogramming.
    • Enable operation efficiency – Achieve more with the same resources by optimizing and automating processes and reducing manual steps.
    • Restructure rapidly - Instantly view, create or modify organizational structures faster than any other system on the market.
    • Improve user adoption – Provide your people with an inherently flexible architecture and user-friendly interface.
    • Execute profitably– Use real-time visibility and reporting tools to manage costs, analyse business units and maintain accountability.
    • Forecast effectively – Proactively plan using real-time data to identify future capacity constraints.
    • Optimize resource utilization – Set the perfect teams; assign the right people with the right skills on the right projects.
    • Collaborate to motivate – Discuss key challenges with your team through online chat and task sharing capabilities.
    • Attract and retain the best talent – Plan and match skill levels to project pipeline and requirements to recruit and on-board the right people.
    • Operate on a strategic level – Use integrated perspective of HR, finance and projects to extend influence beyond Human Resources functions.
    • Respond with agility – Make changes to model and execute new organizational structures, processes and reporting without coding.
    • Nurture and develop employees – Ensure comprehensive support for all aspects of your hire-to-retire cycle and payroll processes.  

Deliver superior customer service

Our solutions give Financial Services Organizations the edge to outperform the competition.

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  • Agile systems that can be changed by users without the need for complex recoding ensure you can immediately react to shifting customer expectations.

  • Empower all team members with personalized KPIs so they can track performance against contractual obligations.

  • Boost performance of your project teams with intuitive, collaborative tools that work the way they work, and allow team members to focus on achieving customer satisfaction wherever they are in the world.

What does deep visibility into business performance look like?

Unit4 Business World and Financials are scalable, people-centric solutions for Financial Service Organizations. It combines great user experience with powerful capabilities tailored towards your people, all combined with built-in reporting and analytics, providing the insight you need. Improve visibility into utilization, project future revenue and map "what-if" scenarios to ensure consistent, planned and predictable revenue.

The result is a complete overview of your finances, people and processes, so you can improve workflow to achieve your organization’s strategic goals.

Cloud at your Speed

Enabling your team to fully control your move to the Cloud securely - at the speed you require.

  • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the Cloud, with minimal effort.
  • Standardized: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
  • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
  • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our Cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the Cloud, and when it gets there.