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Financial management and resource planning software for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Drive organizational strategy and
adapt quickly to market volatility

Access the digital capabilities you need – as CFO – to enhance business partnerships and service offerings, with a robust single source of truth to help guide your financial planning and decision making.

A CFO presenting financial results to colleagues

Navigate turbulent market conditions with confidence and speed

Economic disruption is becoming a CFO’s biggest challenge. Respond with agility to this accelerated pace of change, while finding opportunities for expansion to transform your Office of the CFO from a financial control function into a trusted advisor.

objectives & track
key results

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Plan for
profitable growth in
unpredictable times

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governance &

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Lower costs & increase S2C

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Trusted by finance leaders in organizations worldwide

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Quote from BARC The Planning Survey 22 about the benefits of frequently updating plans and forecasts

Analyst insight: Up-to-date, high-quality information is vital to cope with change

Find out in this BARC report, how well-founded decisions based on current forecasts and data analytics, “what-if” simulations, the automation of processes and optimal software support for planners are all becoming more important for achieving corporate objectives.

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Drive key outcomes for your organization

CFO looking at detailed data with colleagues
CFO in a planning session with her team
CFO presenting to colleagues

Customer stories

We see an acceleration in the velocity of our internal operations, and much better engagement among our people and business units.

Kaj Wikström

Chief Financial Officer, Qvantel

    Supporting growth and transformation

    “We were looking for an agile cloud solution that would deliver a new People Experience and intelligent insights to our teams.”

    Kaj Wikström
    CFO of Qvantel

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    Tackling change and accelerating growth

    This fast-growing European digital services group adopted Unit4's intuitive cloud platform to empower finance teams, drive business growth and increase agility.

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    Flexible, agile finance

    This innovative video games developer drives agile and adaptive finance management with a smart, connected Unit4 platform.

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    Cover image for IO Interactive Unit4 customer story

    Agile and insightful charitable project funding

    An adaptive and intuitive ERP strategy is helping Europe’s largest conservation charity manage its finances more accurately and easily – and cope with the funding shortfall created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Cover image for National Trust customer story

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    Your Unit4 People Experience Suite

    Put the work that matters front and center and automate the rest. Unleash the true potential within your organization with our people-focused enterprise cloud solutions.

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    Integrated Financial Planning

    Take a flexible, integrated approach for all your organization’s financial planning needs, whether planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Reporting, Analysis & Dashboarding

    Draw the big picture and drive better business decisions with actionable, trustworthy numbers for your organization to succeed and respond more agilely to change.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    People Planning & Analytics

    Make better-informed decisions by bringing together workforce planning, analytics, financial budgeting and operational business planning.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Financial Consolidation

    We can help you quickly and easily consolidate financial data, carry out group reporting and connect everybody in one single system.


    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Let’s talk about what People Experience means 4U.

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