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Plan smarter with more accurate budgeting & robust forecasting tools for FP&A leaders

Access the digital capabilities and insights you need – as Leader of FP&A – to gain a clearer view of the organization’s financial health and drive greater collaboration with other teams.

A Director/VP of FP&A showing results to a colleague

Guide your business with intelligent decision-support financial planning & analysis tools that fully align teams

Enhance visibility to support decision-making, while ensuring all areas of the business understand their contribution to the organization's success.

trends & identify strategic drivers for change

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organizational planning, budgeting & forecasting

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Make data-driven decisions supported by digital automation

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Trusted by finance leaders in organizations worldwide

War Child
metro vancouver
FH St.Pölten
East of England Ambulance Service
Quote from BARC The Planning Survey 22 about the benefits of frequently updating plans and forecasts

Analyst insight: Up-to-date, high-quality information is vital to cope with change

Find out in this BARC report, how well-founded decisions based on current forecasts and data analytics, “what-if” simulations, the automation of processes and optimal software support for planners are all becoming more important for achieving corporate objectives.

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Managing planning and analysis through static spreadsheets is no longer a solution for finance leaders

Director/VP of FP&A looking at data with colleagues
Director/VP of FP&A in a planning session with his team
Director/VP of FP&A looking at a dashboard on his screen

Customer stories

We can now analyze, report, and share the finance data quickly and easily, drilling down to individual transactions and automatically distribute the reports to other stakeholders. Compared with spreadsheets, our financial budgeting and forecasting is one third faster – and the data is dramatically more timely and accurate.

Robert Abery

Management Accountant, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust

    Improved financial processes contribute to the mission

    Being able to have all data and all obligations and grants in one integrated system helps us to utilize our funds better, more efficiently and track it to help to spend it on our mission.

    Fiona Buruma
    Director of Finance and Operations, War Child

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    Delivering a group-wide “single point of truth”

    The fact that we can now rely on one single version of the truth saves us a lot of time. Previously, we had to double and triple-check a multitude of Excel lists. Now we can use this time to focus on the contents of our data as well as further analysis.

    Pascal Speicher
    Corporate Financial Controller and CPM Project Manager at Villeroy & Boch

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    Customer interview: Dublin City University

    John Kilcoyne, Deputy Director Finance at Dublin City University, explains how Unit4 FP&A (prevero) is helping this fast-growing university move away from spreadsheets with a modern tool for reporting, planning and forecasting.

    A single source of finance and HR truth, to maintain reporting excellence and non-stop operations

    I absolutely love Unit4. Their technology, people, and roadmap for the future ensure Forest Research meets its financial, compliance, and efficiency goals.

    Meirion Nelson
    Finance Director, Forest Research

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    Content image from Unit4 customer story - forest Research

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    Integrated Financial Planning

    Take a flexible, integrated approach for all your organization’s financial planning needs, whether planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, or forecasting sales, costs and revenue.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Reporting, Analysis & Dashboarding

    Draw the big picture and drive better business decisions with actionable, trustworthy numbers for your organization to succeed and respond more agilely to change.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    People Planning & Analytics

    Make better-informed decisions by bringing together workforce planning, analytics, financial budgeting and operational business planning.

    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Financial Consolidation

    We can help you quickly and easily consolidate financial data, carry out group reporting and connect everybody in one single system.


    Unit4 - Financial Planning & Analysis Software

    Financial Management

    Take control of every stage of your record-to-report cycle in a single, integrated, organization-wide system; consolidate all your data, for full control and visibility at any time, from anywhere.

    Unit4 - ERP Software

    Tools & Reporting

    Ensure your organization has the right tools to generate essential business intelligence for effective working and strategic decision making; and the flexibility to make the right changes when needed.

    Unit4 - ERP Software

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