Your Cloud Migration Journey for Unit4 Financials

Cloud Journey 4U

When moving to the cloud, aim high. Work with people that deliver what you need, as easily as you would like, and for a fixed upfront fee. This is what we call Cloud Journey 4U.

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    High-speed delivery

    A quick and effortless journey to the Cloud. Live in as little as 20 working days.

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    Fixed migration fee

    A fixed price for the whole migration process – no surprises along the way.

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    Minimal disruption

    A clear onboarding plan, delivered by a team of cloud migration experts.

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    Full transparency

    Transparent project overview, based on a Cloud Migration Assessment.

Up and running in the cloud in 20 days

Based on our strong experience in cloud, we’ve developed a methodology that ensures to get you up and running in the cloud in as little as 20 days, giving you complete access to all the latest innovation that Unit4 can offer.

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Overview of your journey to the cloud

Unit4’s migration process builds on your unique needs as a customer, delivering a cloud migration journey that is fast, effortless and completely transparent. Take a look at our infographic for a step-by-step overview of the Unit4 Cloud Migration journey.

Cover of the Unit4 Financials Cloud Migration Assessment factsheet

Cloud Migration Assessment

We start your journey to the cloud  by evaluating your current solution environment and your needs, with the Cloud Migration Assessment. Based on the assessment, we will map out your cloud migration journey and provide a fixed price for the duration of the whole migration process.

Cloud advantages

Clear insight into cost

Know exactly what you are paying for up front, and only pay a fixed fee based on your unique organizatonal requirements:

  • With Unit4's cloud migration plan, you get a clear project overview and will always know where you are in the journey.
  • Our team of cloud migration experts will guide you through every step of the way, and we won't charge you anything more than a fixed upfront fee.
  • You get one price for the duration of the whole migration project, including any required updates.

Use the Cloud in total confidence

Ensures the highest integrity and security of your data and protects against security threats or data breaches.

  • Minimize risk and disruption in your business. Adhere to the highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.
  • Benefit from our partnership with Microsoft Azure to deliver a cloud environment that is both flexible and secure, offering one of the most comprehensive sets of certifications by a cloud service provider.


Reduce IT costs & focus on supporting your business

Free up your IT team from burdensome maintenance tasks and enable them to spend more time supporting your business.

  • No more expensive upgrades or exhausting updates of your infrastructure. With Unit4 Cloud, you will always run on the latest version of your software.
  • Your IT staff will spend less time maintaining your database, and more time on what really matters – supporting your business.
  • You will be able to continually benefit from the latest Unit4 innovations.


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